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1. Explain how you think the stereotype of used-car dealers developed. Stereotyping is like Building what is not thought to be said about the product, assuming that the used cars certainly will break down and others see it like purchasing used cars is not sensible because of maintaining it will be more expensive instead others will buy a brand new car. 2. What, if anything, can Joe do to counter this stereotype?

Joe, say’s that building a good relationship with all his customers is compulsory, and He should be concerned about their Sensitivity and to be aware of their needs and wants for purchasing a suitable car, knowing what is the need of the customer is knowing what is the best car fit to their need. It is also showing concern for them. Joe will spend extra time in his work to achieve great customer satisfaction and high quality. He will also find a way to interact with his customers for future needs.

3. In what ways might this stereotype be beneficial to Joe? To potential customers? Stereotyping could be helpful if it can give Joe a positive effect to increase his sales and customers. To have more potential customers positive stereotyping is helpful; because the sooner customers are satisfied with their own needs the more the effect will encourage their friends to see them that the used car they bought to Joe is good as new but absolutely not as expensive as buying a brand new car. 4. AutoNation is #93 on the 2003 Fortune 500.

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It has created a huge business by exploiting the public’s perception of used-car dealers. What do you think they have done to change the stereotype? One of the largest retailers in America is Auto Nation, I think what they need to do is to change the awareness of their product to the public. They are more clear to their product and they are setting series of tests and doing over – all set-up to their used cars so that buyers will certainly be satisfied. AutoNation builds its integrity for the public to be aware of how safe and secure their vehicles are that they purchased.

Testing others to try their products to know what is slowing their system down, I think they are testing their critics in front of the public to try their product and tell to the public the problem and the perception of the public to that experience will have make it a positive effect Also if the used car will encounter some problems. On this Case Base on the class debate the idea of awareness is people only see what is on the outside and in that scene they are assuming or inferring what is the behavior of an individual only to find out they are wrong.

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