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Automotive Safety Essay

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Driving has become a part of everyday life. From kids to adults everyone has come to depend on a motorized vehicles. With such a rapid increase of new drivers in the 21 century accident's and fatalities have been also on the rise with the tendencies of young teens being in the mist of it all. Many of these problems have not been nothing new but with such high mortality rate this has caused awareness in a old but newly transformed problem.

In last few years to prevent these problems from continuing to incline some states have put restrictions on newly licensed drivers making it more difficult for young teen to obtain a license but study has shown that in these restrictions have actually back fired as quoted from Dr.Masten "In fact, 75 percent of the fatal crashes we thought we were saving actually just occurred two years later. It's shocking". The matter of the fact is that restrictions on newly road drivers have no worked at all it has just delay the inevitable.

Restrictions on young drivers seem to work but when looking at the bigger picture it has failed. Teens alone are not just the problem along with technology and to drugs etc. all of these things being a big contributor to teen accidents not only have these things raised the possibility of fatalities but our awareness, on how dangerous these things can be when driving. Knowing just how much it can increase the chances of an accident.

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How can we prevent these things from happening well experts say that these restrictions do work but ounce these restriction have expired people go back to driving more and more recklessly because teens start to feel over confident with their ability to avoid these back fires I think we should create a system where newly licensed drivers have to report back the dmv every six months and take a safety test to assure that they know the risks and consequences of risky driving. Aside from having precautions with teen drivers I think every one should have to renew their licensee every 2 years instead of an extensive 5 years.

Having and adding more restrictions to everyone not just teens is best because what has been shown through various study's is that most people don't learn because many people try to avoid these extra regulations and thus missing these vital and important skills. So to avoid people going through loop holes we should as country tighten up on restrictions.

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