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Motorola Press Release

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“Motorola will unveil a host of new groundbreaking products, partnerships and technologies. Motorola, in its consistent effort to innovate and reinvent, is enhancing the experience of what it calls "seamless mobility" by expanding its line-up of new products ... the ultimate combination of cool, cutting-edge technology and fashion-forward design. The new technologies promise to deliver easy, uninterrupted access to the information, entertainment and communications that people want.” (Newswire Association,1996)

What is the key challenge or opportunity in this article?
The article has talked about Motorola launching new products, partnerships and technologies. Motorola aims to connect people and give them access to information effortlessly anytime and any where.  That is also the main challenge to Motorola, to make that a reality.

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What are the underlying causes of the situation?
People nowadays are busier than ever thus they need more information and data in their work and activities anytime and anywhere.  It is because of these facts that Motorola has decided to launch these new products.

What did the company do, or, what strategy did the company employ to address the challenge or opportunity?
Motorola saw an opportunity to widen its market and has forged new partnerships

and launched new products in order to address the needs identified above.

What may be the implication?
Implication would be a wider market for Motorola thus more profits for the company.

What do you think about this?
Motorola has done a good thing by keeping up with the times and most especially with the demand.  A company that doesn’t improve its services and products will stagnate and sooner or later will die.  That is why it is very important to always identify the needs of the clients and addressed those needs and Motorola has done just that.

What is going on in the global and or industry environment?
Nowadays, people are busier than ever.  People engage in numerous activities that enhance and enrich their lives.  They are always on the go, rarely sitting still.  People are also more competitive than ever most especially in the boardroom.  These are the developments in the society that Motorola has seen and has addressed.  Also, nowadays, the better the technology, the better.  Price is, most often than not, no object that is why Motorola has focused on creating great products regardless of the price.

What may be a competitive response?
The response would be that other companies would launch their own products addressing the identified needs.  The products may even be “identical” to what Motorolla has only repackaged.


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