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Humility in Lifeand Business

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Humility is the one characteristic human trait that is the most elusive, as it cannot be obtained through effort, work, or education. The reason it is so difficult to obtain is because the more you aspire for it, the more it will go away from you. Have you ever heard a person state, "I have finally become a humble person! " The statement alone is a signal that humility has not been gained. It is something which has to be inculcated from the very beginning in one’s life. For this to happen, it follows that the right family values play a very important role.

Humility is a trait that lets a person be grounded, no matter what the situation is. It’s considered a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions. Humility is multi-dimensional and includes self-understanding and awareness and openness. Humility stops the ego or arrogance from creeping in to our minds and it is a great team building asset and vital in a business. In business there are people who work for you, you pay them wages for them to deliver the amount of work entrusted to them, to achieve their KRA’s so as to say.

But by no means does that give the employer the right to treat them in a non-humane manner. Respecting the human resource today, the people who work for you whether it be a manufacturing facility or a services concern, is imperative. The respect will come as an offshoot of humility, in the belief that not only ones leadership but also the people who work for you are the two wheels which draw your chariot of success. Leaders, who want to inspire followership, need to demonstrate not simply their accomplishments but their character.

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Take pride in what you have done, but use it as a platform to bring people together to do greater things, e. g. increase sales and improve quality. Use your leadership for something other than self-aggrandizement. We must understand that as humans, it is natural for us to have our faults and to realise the things which we do well and ones which we do not. This is the first step to self realisation and the stepping stone to humility. In a way it helps you to think beyond yourselves and see the larger picture.

Hence, it is considered an important characteristic, one to be believed and practised. C. K. Prahalad, the renowned management guru said "Leadership is about self-awareness, recognizing your failings, and developing modesty, humility, and humanity. ” It is essential to acknowledge what others do. Few have said it better than legendary Alabama coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant. "If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That's all it takes to get people to win football games for you. Practice that attitude always, especially when things are not going well, and your team will rally together because they want you to succeed. In short, humility breeds humility. It is the same in business and in life. Success plays a critical role when it comes to humility in Life. In the journey of life, achievement of success- expected or unexpected can boost anybody's ego and put them in a spot of complacency. Furthermore milestones of success are keenly anticipated. Subsequent successes are hugely welcomed but at that point of time, the occurrence of any possible failure can really demoralize the person.

In the case of the humble ones, the wings of airs are rarely obtained. Even in times of adversity the humble ones stay put. Humility can bring more success in the long run. The lesson remains that it always pays to be more grateful than to be more proud. It is human to want more in life, to be ambitious and to go to lengths to achieve your goals. But in this process we often choose the path of ruthlessness and become shrewd. This path has provided success more often than not to most people who have resorted to using it, which in turn gives us the return present of PRIDE.

We loose the art of humility that was one of the first lessons taught to us as children, and as the saying goes ‘Pride comes before a fall. ’ Each one of us is a blend of our personal and professional lives and as I see myself part woman and part businesswoman, I have realized the importance of humility in everyday life. Sometimes I learnt it the hard way, but it was a lesson well learnt. I have realized that in family situations and at my work place whenever I was faced with a difficult situation and I choose to be angry or arrogant, I was not able to achieve the desired results.

People respond better to love and compassion as compared to criticism. I learnt that when I changed my attitude in situations in which I otherwise used to be angry or proud to one where I was humble, I got better results! We have to try not to let our achievements in life get to our heads. I met with a time in my life when everything was falling apart my work, my health and my personal life and I had nothing but my attitude to blame for it. I considered my small achievements as big, people were doing much more work than I was and keeping silent about it.

Their humility was giving them the necessary cover and capacity to do better while I was collapsing under the weight of my attitude. But only when you reach your lowest point can you rise back up. I hit an all time low, met with an accident, and was laid up in bed for 9 months. This forced rest gave me the opportunity to ponder over my life. Life taught me the best lesson I have learnt the hardest way. I was left at the mercy of others, I could not walk or move without help. This helplessness broke my pride to bits.

In these 9 months in bed, I realized that my attitude of pride has given me nothing but anger and failure. When I got back onto my feet, I slowly started to change my ways. As they say ‘charity begins at home’ I started by changing my attitude towards my family and friends. I became more forgiving and adopted an Attitude of Gratitude towards daily things. Seeing my changed attitude my family changed their attitude towards me. Difficult situations became easier and life started to seem easy. As I saw a change in family situations I realized how this could change troubled situations at work as well.

I started by being more soft spoken and humble towards people at work - my employees and my clients of course. Even when I saw a difficult situation I did not act on impulse and on success I was not proud. I tried to look at every achievement as a stepping stone towards more and kept my calm. The frequency of my achievements grew considerably and I was able to think better with a sound mind. This new found clarity gave me immense satisfaction and peace of mind. I was happier, more loved and respected among family and co-workers and since then I have tried to make it my way of life.

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