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Hotel Industry in India

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Major Players in the Hotel Industry The Indian Hotels Company The Indian Hotels Company and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Tag Hotels Resorts and Palaces, recognized as one of Sais's largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the founder of the Data Group, Seamiest N Data, the company opened its first property, The Tag Mall Palace Hotel, Bombay, in 1903. The Tag, a symbol of Indian hospitality, completed its centenary year in 2003.

Tag Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 59 hotels at 40 locations across India with an additional 17 international hotels in the Maldives, Mauritius, Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Bhutan, Sir Lankan, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. The company has had a long-standing commitment to the continued development of the Indian tourism and hospitality industry. From the asses through the asses, the Tag played an important role in launching several of Indian's key tourist destinations.

Working in tandem with the Indian government, the Tag developed resorts and retreats while the government developed roads and railways to Indian's hidden treasures. TIC/ Sheraton Corporation It's Hotel division was launched on October 18, 1975, with the opening of its first hotel - Cola Sheraton in Achaean. TIC - Welcomed Hotels, Palaces and Resorts, is today one of Indian's finest hotel chains, with its distinctive logo of hands folded in the traditional Names is widely recognized as the ultimate in Indian hospitality.

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Each of the chain's hotel pays architectural tribute to ancient dynasties, which ruled India from time to time. The design concept and themes of these dynasties play an important part in their respective style and decor. With more and more hotels being deed at strategic destinations, the group has Joined hands with the Sheraton Corporation to strengthen its international marketing base. A successful marketing franchise for almost 25 years now, there are currently 10 TIC - Welcomed Sheraton hotels, and more in the pipeline.

The Ella Group Founded in 1957 by Cap. C. P. Krishna Nair, the RSI. 4. 5 billion Ella Group is engaged in the business of ready-made garments and luxury hotels and resorts. The Ella Skimpiness, Mambas and The Ella, Ago are two of the best hotels in India, and have also won considerable international acclaim. For this to have been achieved in 12 short years is nothing short of remarkable. Recently in 2001 Cap. Nair fulfilled his longstanding dream of constructing a palace hotel in the garden city of Bangor.

The Ella Palace Skimpiness, Bangor is built in art deco style recreating the grandeur of The Moser Maharajah Palace. It is set amidst 8 acres of landscaped garden and waterfalls. It is a palace with the heart of a modern hotel. Its 254 Corporate Catalyst India A report on Indian Tourism and Hotel Industry rooms are opulently furnished and are befitting royalty. The newest addition The Ella Coverall Hotel Industry in India By karat?»eel beaches with a stunning view of the famous Coverall coastline. The Brat Hotels Group The Brat Hotels group is a major player in Indian's tourism and hotel sector.

It operates its hotels under 'THE GRAND' banner and its present portfolio of hotels incorporates FOURTEEN luxury hotels in the five-star deluxe segment. These include InterContinental 'The Grand' hotels in New Delhi, Mambas, Ago ; Agrarians and The Grand Shook Bangor, The Grand Lax Villas Palace Diaper and The Grand Temple View Khartoum. Additionally, soon to open hotels in 2008-09 are - The Grand Great Eastern Kola, The Grand Jasper, The Grand Resort Beaks, The Grand Mohammedan, The Grand Changing, The Grand Anodic and The Grand Fort Dubbed.

By 2009, the company plans to open hotels in Hydrated, Maritime and other key locations. The EIA Ltd (The Oberon Group) Asian elegance is the key to running hotels, if you ask EIA (better known as The Oberon Group). The company owns and operates about 20 luxury hotels, about 10 mid-range hotels, and two inland cruises; The Oberon Group operates primarily in India, but also in Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Mauritius, and Saudi Arabia. Most of the company's luxury properties bear the Oberon banner.

The company in 2004 Joined forces with Hilton International to rebind most of its mid-range hotels as Trident Hilton (the former Oberon Towers is now known as the Hilton Towers Mambas). The Oberon Group also operates luxury cruises of the Nile River and Indian's Kraal region. India Tourism Development Corporation (DITCH) / The Shook Group India Tourism Development Corporation (DITCH) was established in 1966 as an autonomous public sector corporation, entrusted with the task of helping develop tourism infrastructure and promoting India as a tourist destination. Read PESTEL Analysis Hotel Industry

The DITCH Shook Group of hotel chains manages some of the best five star and luxury tour hotels in the Indian hospitality industry. The hotels run by the DITCH Shook Group of hotel chains may be divided into different categories, these are elite hotels, comfort hotels and classic hotels. The DITCH Shook Group of hotel chains manages 33 hotels in 26 different tourist destinations all over India. The management of Shook Group believes in offering the best in the capitalist industry and the staff at each of the hotels run by the group is especially trained to be courteous and efficient.

The Shook Group of hotel chains boasts of running some of the best hotels in the Indian hotel industry. The hotels that are a part of the elite and classic category of the DITCH Shook Group are the Shook Hotel in New Delhi, the Coverall Shook Beach Resort in Coverall, Kraal, the Agar Shook in Agar, Hotel Jasper Shook in New Delhi and the Quota Hotel in Corporate Catalyst India A report on Indian Tourism and Hotel Industry New Delhi. Most of the hotels managed by the DITCH Shook Group have had the privilege of playing host to several international and national dignitaries.

The Hotel Corporation of India (HCI) owned by Air India Limited and was incorporated on July 8, 1971 under the Companies Act, 1956 when Air India decided to enter the Hotel Industry in keeping with the then prevalent trend among world airlines. The objective was to offer to the passengers a better product, both at the International Airports and at other places of tourist interest, thereby also increasing tourism of India. Payee Hotels Ltd. Jayvee Hotels Limited primarily engages in the ownership and operation of hotels in India.

The company owns three Five Star Deluxe Hotels, namely Jayvee Palace Hotel at Agar, and Jayvee Vacant Continental and Jayvee Standards Hotel at New Delhi. It also manages the operation of the hotels Jayvee Residency Manor at Missouri and Jayvee Green Resorts. In addition, Jayvee Hotels involves in construction operations. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Jayvee Hotels Limited is a subsidiary of Shipshape Associates Limited

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