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History of gun control in America

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Throughout American history the laws pertaining firearms have changed. The second Amendment of 1791 guaranteed the “right to bear arms” but since then, law banning handguns, banning African Americans from owning firearms, banning assault rifles, and laws requiring background checks have come into effect (Goforth). Gun laws can into exist due to crimes involving guns. Within the last five years, schools shooting are making the headline news more frequently. In Fort Lauderdale FL, the massacre in Parkland killing seventeen students and staff members, when gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Cruzes killing spree is the deadliest high school shooting in United States History surpassing the Columbine High School massacre that killed thirteen in Colorado in April of 1999 ( The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults. The topic of gun control is a complex and debatable issue which has been a focus of argument for years. In the wake of recent mass shooting, the issue has diverged in regards to what is the best solution to reduce school shooting.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting came at a period of heightened public support for gun control. Due to the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas the public turn their attention toward gun control every time after a major incident. The American people are divided when it comes to gun control. Many believe that banning the selling of guns especially automatic weapons is the only way to stop these mass shooting from occurring. From 1989 to 1993, over 30 deaths have been claimed to shooting. Within the 30 deaths, they all have one thing is common, the firearm that were used was semiautomatic weapons.

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Within a week of the Parkland shooting, support for stricter gun control laws is at an all-time high among American voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll (Ducharme, 2018). Polls depict that 90% of American citizens supports extensive background checks for all individuals who want purchase any type of firearms. The National Rifle Association along with other firearms right group have contributed several millions in the interest for candidates and parties which make them a much discuss topics. These contributions is a way of keeping politicians from solidifying and implementing more strict gun control law out of fear of losing millions of dollars in contributions made by the National Rifle Association. In 2016, the NRA spent $4m on lobbying and direct contributions to politicians as well as more than $50m on political advocacy, including an estimated $30m to help elect Donald Trump president (Zurcher, 2019). I agree that money could be a factor to some law makers, as can be the public opinion poll which still has the majority in support of owning semi-automatic weapons.

To this day, the state of Florida have made a few changes to it gun law. Florida wants to arm teachers to protect and serve while in the school. I do not agree with teachers being able to carry a firearm at any school but I do agree with more than one In School Officer (ISO) being present throughout the school days in order to protect our children in an emergency situation. In 2019, Florida passed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act in the wake of the shooting.

It raised the age to purchase guns to 21 from 18, banned people legally judged “mentally defective” from buying a gun, and set up a system for law enforcement to take guns from people deemed a threat to themselves or others. This law also banned bump stocks, used in the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Bump stocks make a semi-automatic weapons function like automatic guns so that they fire without the need to repeatedly press the trigger (Melendez, 2019). Law makers have made very changes to improve our current gun control laws and regulations.

In conclusion, the United States must have effective strategies need to be applied so as to end mass shooting than using the method of restricting the possession of guns by the public. Restraining mass shooting requires other interventions beyond restricting guns law in society. I think that the more guns laws that we have not solved the problem as a hold. The 2020 election is coming next year and gun control is going to be a major topic of securing votes from the public, as well as the right to bear arms.

Media will use this to sway the voter’s opinions as well in an attempt to promote those candidates they prefer selling certain issues while low balling others. I personally would like to see those who advocate for a complete gun ban to relinquish their security details at the same time, I feel it is hypocritical to tell someone that they cannot protect their family with guns when you publicly display that you protect yours with guns. As a citizen of the United States, the former President Obama sums it up for all of us. He stated, citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steal from us each day. I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors and police office all over this country who says we are not afraid, and I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress, to help stop more tragedies frim visiting innocent American in our movies theaters, shopping malls or schools (Siddiqui, 2014) . We must never stop trying.

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