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Research Paper On Gun Control

Essay Topic:

There is a old saying that guns dont kill people, people kill people.This Is a known saying that comes out all the time when this conversation pops up.The media portrays gun control in a positive light, they believe that this is something that would work: believe that gun control will never work and giving people guns to protect themselves and taking guns from people the public judges or deems unfit is a terrible Idea.

It Is unsafe, and also endangering people’s lives and Is unfair, plus It Is oing against the second amendment which many have died to protect.

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The Article (“We Need More Gun control, whether You Know It or Not”) Is an pro-gun article that explains how most americans think you need a background check and go through all these test to be able to buy a gun, “but such laws don’t exist”. First thing that concerns me with this article Is the how he acquired the stats and comments he obtained.

Most of them are only from a small group consensus and was not open up to the public to thus meaning that it is only one sided and not taking an opinion from thers sides ot this topic. The second bit ot information that was about this article was that he has no ethos and have no real credited sources of his information. An picture I found on the web from (“accessories. com”) was an perfect example for gun rights. This pictures describes that George Bush is saying “Free People Ought To Be Armed”.

This picture basically saying that George Bush a person that fought for the rights of people Is saying that they should be dble to keep their guns. I Agree with statement the government now is trying to take away guns from people and give uns to untrained people who would hurt themselves and kill someone on accident “Ilke a kid with a gun”. On the website (“Twitter. com”) there is an anti-gun control picture. This picture is saying that a man named Joe Salazar Is being claimed an Idlot because he states that college women should not have guns because women fearing rape may “pop a round at someone”.

I agree with this statement. Having untrained women and some men carrying weapons will endanger people around them, the said so person, and his/her self. This is a terrible compromise to having people protected and putting in pro gun ontrol laws which end up benefiting no one In the end of It all. “l guess Dy nature, I’m a oestructlve one Ana trutn De told, tne saTety was never on. So warning bells should have rung when I was trained wrong. For you knew I was the trigger happy and sought.

I’m thinking ‘goodbye’ would have been for the best Instead. But now I found you dead, with my bullets in your chest. ” A tragedy like this could be avoided if people where to realize that gun control is a terrible idea for the peoples safety and needs to be thinked over. Yes, there will be death cause by insane eople Just unloading rounds into people but thats not a guns fault is it the persons who is pulling the trigger that needs to be blamed.

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