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Healthcare Industry: Europe Medical Device Market Outlook

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Europe Medical Device Market Outlook to 2018 - Driven by the Presence of Advanced Healthcare Industry and Ageing Population presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry aspects including market size by production value of medical devices market in Europe. The report also entails market share analysis and company profiles of major players operating in the medical devices market in Europe.

The medical device market of Europe is mainly comprised of medical equipments such as consumables, orthopedic devices, dental devices, respiratory devices, and ophthalmic devices which are manufactured in Germany, France, the I-J, Italy and Spain. The future analysis, trends and developments, government regulations and segmentation by application have also been discussed in the industry research report. The demand for medical devices has been growing owing to a mounting awareness for early diagnosis and treatment of countless disease states in European countries.

Other factors propelling the escalating demand for medical devices are the ageing populace, growth in the number of better informed patients and the accessibility of enhanced technologies. In the recent years, medical devices industry in Europe has witnessed a continuous growth. The key countries that have contributed significantly to the Europe medical devices market during 2008-2013 include Germany, I-J and France. Germany is one of the major European markets and it has been observed that the country contributes immensely to the exports of medical devices.

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An increased investment in R&D on healthcare has played a fundamental role in the economic growth of Germany as it has resulted in improved health outcomes and extended years of life. The increasing exports of medical devices, augmenting purchasing power for medical care and increasing demand for innovative medical devices were the key factors purporting the growth of medical devices in Europe. The overall production value witnessed by the market grew from EURO -? million in 2008 to EURO -? million in 2013, growing at a CARR of 2. % dung 2008-2013. Over the past several years, medical device market has constantly been a field of significant innovation, and this endeavor has played a central role in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. The rising incidences of chronic diseases in Europe such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and other age related diseases will necessitate enhanced products and long-term, post-sales service. Market participants will be required to develop solutions best matched to customer needs to continue to be competitive.

Owing to the prevalence of high competition and mounting costs of medical devices products Healthcare Industry: Europe Medical Device Market Outlook to 2018 By Snatcher long-term partnerships with companies. The overall medical devices market in Europe is projected to reach EURO -? million in 2018, augmenting at a CARR of 3. 9% dung 2013-2018. Key Topics Covered in the Report Europe medical devices market size. The country wise segmentation of medical device industry of Europe. The market size, future outlook and projections of the medical device industry of Germany, France, the I-J, Italy and Spain. ; Market segmentation by the type of equipments of Germany, France, the ASK, Italy and Spain ; The market size and segmentation of the medical device industry of Germany for general medical instruments and appliances, medical and electrostatics's devices, medical consumables, dental devices, ophthalmic devices, respiratory devices and other medical devices used in the field of cardiology and neurology.

Future Outlook and Projections of Germany Medical Device Market by Equipments ; The market size and segmentation f the medical devices market of France for medical and electrostatics's devices, consumables, dental devices, orthopedic devices, respiratory and ophthalmic devices market. ; Future Outlook and Projections of France Medical Device Market by Equipments ; The market size and segmentation of the medical device industry of the I-J for consumables, medical and electro diagnostics instrument, orthopedic devices, dental devices, respiratory, ophthalmic instruments and patient aids market.

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