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Head of Household during the Cold War Era

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If I were the head of household who took care of my family during the Cold War Era, I would make sure to get everything needed for at least two weeks to survive if there was a nuclear bomb disaster. I would have my husband and friends build a bomb shelter that can fit at least 50 people in our basement to protect my family and friends from the nuclear disaster.

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Head of Household during the Cold War Era

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. Have a can opener for the canned food, enough batteries with a radio, small portable television, and flashlights to keep them running so we can listen to the news, or music. We will also need a power generator, or candles with enough matches just in case the power goes out and the generator stops working. I will make sure we have available to us sanitation kits and medical kits just in case a family member gets hurt.

Another kit that should be in the shelter is a radiation detection kit. For keeping everyone entertained we will have board games to keep us occupied, do sharedes, books to read, crayons and coloring books for the younger children, have cards so we can play card games. Also my husband and I will make sure we have clothing, shoes and blankets available to us. We will also make sure that a bathroom is built in the bomb shelter with running water and plumbing so we can take quick showers.

In the bathroom we will have plenty of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, combs, brushes, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, and plenty of towels. We would make sure that we have heavy duty plastic sheets with duct tape to keep out harmful chemicals and gases

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