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The importance of the controlling plan matrix provides the consensus to developing and adjusting the correct auditing selection model for a formidable project management plan. The plan for the company assures the analysis for controlling financial crisis “towards” the actual deficit from the actual department. The project management plan to account for the specific discrepancies plays an integral role with the proposed project management plan to ensure the attributes of the controlling measures specified by the policies and specification per stakeholders.

The controlling positioning allows the enforcement of the designated activities for the positive executing of the auditing project agenda for substantial accurate deliverables to the stakeholder. The stakeholders and board of directors outlines the key aspects for assuring the auditing selection models that provide the firm’s business goals to a configuration management system covering all internal operations accountability.

The configuration management system will outlined a collection of the formal documented controlling measures by quantitative tools of external matrix used to applying the auditing assessment to create a sufficient financial reporting deliverable. The control system works hand-n-hand to provide a consensus to the enterprise analysis of the best option to implement the new accountability method through technology to render desired results. The plan role of the technology context of the project plan outlines the internal division departments with appropriate resources, in which the technical staff to assist project activities.

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The project team members will assist in providing the technical aspect to ensure the reduced identified financial risks, in order to present the deliverable that meets guidelines of outlined the control mechanisms (Kotter, 1996). The project team members will possess the needed knowledge to answer any concerns on issues that the stakeholder might be aware of or capable of addressing for minimizing any detected risks through identifiable controlled attributes.

For instance, in an organization that the net present value of the project for development a new device to enhance product technology with an expected cash flow $100,000 - $45,000 discount for cost of capitol = $55,000 present value - $200,000 initial investment = $145,000 NPV that could provide a snapshot for senior management. This particular snapshot outlines a potential for an over budget assessment if failed technology approach, such as, communication between all related team members do not relay the project risks boundaries.

The controlling applications allows for a direct approach that alerts the project manager and the project team members to react immediately with appropriate remedies during the auditing assessment. The project team will reduce the 45% probability of a negative impact to the potential for scheduling discrepancies for presenting the deliverable to stakeholders. The project team members can step in and provide needed guidance to redirect the path from the wrong direction to the right direction, in order producing non-high-cost project causing a financial crisis.

If the measure is not incorporated, the identified financial risks are the project management team commitment to meeting the required standards of the controlled scope objective that renders the desired results. The effort to communicate the role, expectations, and pre-testing the prototype of the deliverable to make sure all matrix has been met (Johnson, 2006). The end result will be a deliverable that is satisfactory for the stakeholder and senior management at the organization.

The identified assessment that will be implement in order address the costs, delivery, quality, and other unforeseen impacts to the projects. The assessment from the controlling plan provides the required structuring in allowing the management team to delivery effective decision making towards the project plan. The role for the project manager will be primarily the same activities and deliverables but will incorporate additional feedback and assistance to members of the project team that enforces the controlling aspects.

The project team members will immediately address the hands on attention to assure the details are being completed with the internal and external interests of all financial data. The project team members will assist in providing the technical aspect to ensure the final deliverable meets guidelines. The project team members will possess the knowledge to answer any concerns on controlling issues that the stakeholder might be aware of or capable of answering. In addition, the project team will reduce concentrate on the probability of a negative impact to the final assessment of the auditing results.

Therefore, the project team members can step in and provide needed guidance, in order to produce non-high-cost project. If this immediate measure is not incorporated, the identified risks are meeting to the required standards of the project scope and within budget. Therefore, a constant effort to using the proposed technology of communication can allow for a detailed auditing assessment for planned deliverables to make sure all controlling matrix has been met.

In doing so, the end result will be a deliverable that is satisfactory for the stakeholder, board members, and senior management. The frameworks are organized within the preferred project management structure that provides the most work breakdown structure for completing the project on time, budget, and to the needed controlled specification. The most diversified structure in order to address the 1 to 5 year timeframe to roll out specified controlling matrix allows for the project organization to merge both functional and pure-project organization.

The controlled frameworks are organized within the preferred project management structure that provides the most accurate desired results. Moreover, the project management team reinforces the core attributes of auditing and controlling the financial crisis breakdown structure by completing the project process on time to the needed objective benchmark. To main project management structures promotes the strengthening of the bottom line of the financial makeup of the organizations.

The streamline processing effort of the controlling encourages the project management team’s method for removing barriers through technology means in order to delivering results. Due to the complex implementation of technology software that needed to communicate the financial crisis data from two different vantage points, the project team would need to have a processes methodology that allowed for means to dissect certain components effectively.

The processes to initiate is actually a way to develop a research agenda, in order, to detect any unforeseen financial risks is crucial to handle potential crisis. The controlling application implemented by the project management team provides the research that allows all team members to address certain concerns of the discovered financial crisis in departments for reporting to the stakeholders. The primary objective of the project management in relations to the financial crisis allows for the organization to staying ahead of potential damaging the department strategic growth goals.

The controlling aspects presents the platform of the technology approach for a measure to meet in the final auditing analysis. The auditing and controlling initiatives provides an opportunity to relay the areas needed redirection in financial strategy that outlines a proactive approach to strengthen the company. The approach promotes the senior management team to effectively decide on remedies within the confinements of the controlling framework for a well structured auditing.

The project team assigned to the auditing and controlling project plays a vital role that defends how successful the organization will be in the new future with minimum financial crisis for proposed expansion. References Kotter, John (1996) Leading Change. Harvard Business School Press PMBOK Guide (2004) a Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Third Edition. PMI Global Standard Mantel, Samuel J. Jr. & Meredith, Jack R. & Shafer, Scott M. & Sutton, Margaret M. (2008) Project Management in Practice, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishing

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