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Having Received All the Memory From The Donor

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Dear Fiona, You are probably confused and wondering if I am dead. I am writing this letter to tell you I am still alive, and I have found 'Elsewhere.” I hope you understand that I had to make life choices, which is why I left you. In this letter, I am going to tell you everything about it. The community that we live in is a world that eliminated all pain, war, fairness and hatred. They erase our emotions by medication. Which sadly means we are in a world without color, pain and feelings, but we can’t even noticed! The community thinks they have protected us from harm; indeed, they have created a place without danger or pain, but the truth is that of us cannot expose the wonderful aspects of life. Since people that live in our society have never experienced suffering or pain, they have no idea what the real joy of life is.

But I do, after receiving all the memory from the giver, I realize the importance of memory, we can’t live without it. I felt happiness, even it requires pain, I feel alive for the first time. I have emotions, that’s why I fall in love with you, too. I wish I could give that feeling of cheerfulness to the people I love. We can’t just limiting people’s freedom to avoid pain, all the negative aspects in our life are necessary, everything in life has its own polar opposite and that is what makes life, life. This is my decision, Fiona. When I figured out the meaning of human life, I promise myself to do anything I could to bring the real life back to our community. Life is neither good nor evil, but they define each other. I don’t want to live in a world without feelings, I chose to live my life.

The matter is to choose which is important, isn’t it? Darling, you might feel panic at first, I know it’s hard to face the dark side of the world, but it is the necessary process of life, people need to suffer from unsettled emotion and to move forward, to be strong. At first, people are scared to accept new responsibilities and feelings, afraid of getting hurt and being unhappy; instead of facing and dealing with all bad and good, they choose to avoid, hide, feel nothing, but then it is not life anymore, without emotions, we are not even human being. This is why I left, people in our community have never felt pain or grief and have no idea to cherish the true wonder and joys in their lives, I want to bring them back to life, let them to know how precious life is and so they will understand that death is tragic, to appreciate life. The giver explained me the relationship between pain and pleasure.

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When I receive memories from the Giver, the memories of pain made me realize the idea of love and pleasure too, they exist together. Therefore we can’t give up the experience of beauty, joy, and love to end pain and suffering. I wanted to tell you that I love you and I do care a lot about you. I know you may be shocked by reading, but don’t worry, the giver will help people in the community to deal with memories. Now, we have our life and feelings, no matter the flaws, all of us, are still living. I wish you were here with me, hope to see you one day. I really do miss you! Love, Jonas

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