Globalization and Developing Countries

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Globalization is supposed to be good for all, either developing states or developed states. However, there is ever a few semisynthetic side effects that non merely Malaysia can non avoid, but besides every other states that invite globalisation into their fatherland. Globalization has its ain defect, the 1 that affects many states and 1000000s of people all over the universe, economically and financially. The anti-globalizers may see this as a manner to halt globalisation from distributing its wings to other portion of the universe by connoting that globalisation promotes nil but poorness and inequality. On the other manus, pro-globalizers think that it really helps the hapless and disagreed with the “globalization is doing the rich richer and the hapless poorer” statement that the anti-globalizers came up with.

Malaysia went through a batch of advancement since the epoch of globalisation. We 've improved so much from the economic, politic, societal and cultural point of position. It is said that globalisation is a menace to our local civilization and that it will one twenty-four hours be trample by the planetary ‘consumer ' civilization introduced by the progress engineering. But there is no 100 per centum truth in it as civilization lives in the bosom and upbringing of people, non in the engineering. Equally long as people hold on tightly to their belief and the sense of integrity in each races and in between races are strong, nil could perchance bust up people 's sense of community and societal solidarity, non even globalisation. Sadly, in order to derive what we have now, our ecosystem has been badly damaged due to over development of delicate natural resources such as wood and piscaries. Although the Malaysia authorities has enforced several Torahs to protect our cherished hoarded wealth, but the greed of human existences to remain in front and to go financially powerful has blinded their sight to see what they are making towards our ecosystem. This proved that globalisation comes with a really expensive monetary value to pay.

The chief job of globalisation that cause people to believe of it as a ‘beast ' alternatively of ‘beauty ' is the unstable planetary fiscal system which affected hapless states the most, go forthing them burdened with unsustainable debt. As we know, globalisation raises everyone 's criterion of life. Life to those with low rewards will go less low-cost and much more suffering. Government must endeavor for efficiency and seek to happen a remedy to this planetary ‘disease ' that the undeveloped state has been enduring for ages. Globalization should be the unstoppable force for development, supplying people with a comfy, modern yet healthy life, non the other manner around. In Malaysia, globalisation can be clearly seen in the urban country such as Kuala Lumpur. The cost of life in Kuala Lumpur is so high that people have to work excess hard in order to maintain up with the violently fast gait and at that place used to be people who lived in a homesteader houses. Then, it was demolished by the authorities, and the homesteader occupants were provided with a low cost lodging. This shows that globalisation works both manner and the authorities is responsible for keeping the security and economic public assistance of their citizens.

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Globalization should non be position as a menace or ‘hidden enemy ' but it should be see as a ladder to mount up to the top of a more sophisticated political alterations, more stable economic position and more advanced engineering that will better our societal and civilization. Although it causes widespread of wretchedness, upset and unrest, but it besides provides people with a new markets and wealth. Therefore, globalisation can be said act as a accelerator to development and find in one successful state. The most of import is that states be given the right and infinite to reexamine the impact of globalisation and make up one's mind for themselves which facets are good for future usage and which facets should be ignore. Bettering our apprehension of globalisation will assist us to come up with an elixir that aimed at both alleviation and the causes of it. There are many policies that can profit all people, either developing or developed states, therefore, supplying globalisation with the popular legitimacy that it presently lacks. Globalization is non inalterable as it is comprises of a policies and a set of constructs created by human existences and therefore it can be modified, re conceptualized and altered to suits the demand of our state. We can believe of globalisation as medium of conveyance, a boat that has many riders on board, which represents different states. Everyone has the same end which is to make the port, but due to several ineluctable jobs, non all riders managed to make the port. Every state sit the globalisation 's moving ridges, but non all succeeded in going the universe leader as each state has a different gait to catch the globalisation 's current.

Changes of globalisation from several sectors are bind together in really complex mode, doing it instead hard to sum up all the positives and negatives effects. Overall, globalisation has done a enormous occupation in Malaysia, doing us one of the successful universe leaders. Globalization has tremendous potency and every bit long as it is decently managed, it will impact all parties involved.

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