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Future of Smart Phones

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In recent years, the concept of a smart phone is changing dramatically. Just review what we have already got. iPhone, a creative mobile phone, has established a platform full of potential, which allows programmers to design innovative applications and sell them online. We cannot deny that iPhone is the leader of the smart phone market, however, there’s another powerful purser, smart phones based on Google Android system, which is an open-sources operating system. Features of present smart phones are evident to see, touchscreen, GPS navigator, gravity sensor, massive delicate applications and so forth.

These things have come up in such a short time and changed the market entirely. 2. Changes and Improvements of future smart phones As it’s said before, smart phones are full of potential. With the increasing growth of customers’ appetite, these little digital machines are evolving rapidly to benefit people. More functions will be integrated into smartphones. 2. 1 Gaming experience It’s believed that the gaming experience will be greatly improved in next few years. Gamers will be able to experience what we are experiencing on PCs where a FPS game is involved with high-resolution graphical display and multiplayer co-operation.

These should ascribe to faster processor and faster carrier service. Moreover, the installation of games will be much easier. Only several steps are needed to be done to have a latest game downloaded and ready to run. Payment and whatever can be accomplished online. Also, with the need for intense empathy of gaming experience, the screen of smart phones will be much bigger but not as big as an iPad because it’s a burden to carry. Some designed for game may have gaming controller on themselves, just like PSP. 2. 2 Security Perhaps most challenging concern for the future is security.

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Nowadays, increasing people use their credit cards via smart phones. It’s devastating to see that online thieves working day and night. At present we cannot make the conclusion that smart phone we are using is pretty secure, not by the iPhone being hacked to acquaint administration right. Manufactures and security corporations should work together to ensure that customers’ password won’t be stolen by villains. When a smart phone is infected with virus, powerful anti-virus software should alert the user and wipe out the threat immediately. 2. 3 Communication

The famous SNS website Facebook has already achieved 500 million registered accounts, which means there’re more and more people that enjoy online communication. This gives smart phones a perfect opportunity to be the very useful tool to keep in touch with others. Although we cannot access internet everywhere at present, the future smart phone will become the most common communication device with widespread Wi-Fi network. Moreover, contact with friends will be fun under the help of some features such as multi-touching and mini camera. Sharing at any time can be the top entertainment in our daily life. 3. Conclusion

Have you ever dreamed of having an ultra-functional hand like device that can do almost everything for you? It’s not transformers, but it can come into being with the rapid development of technology. Smart phones, with faster processor and high developed operating system, won’t just be your travelling companion, but your key to the colorful digital world.

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