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Advantages and disadvantages of MSN Messenger

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All over the world many people use the internet. One of the main reasons for using internet is communication. People communicate with each other in many different ways such as: emails, chat rooms and of course instant messaging programs.

Have you ever used MSNPersonally I’ve been using it for years now and I know many friends and people from my family use MSN. MSN is a one of the most popular instant messaging service in the world and in my opinion the best I have ever used. It has millions of users around the world. It has a lot of amazing and different feature in addition to its basic work as an instant messaging software. However, like most things there are advantages and disadvantages related to this program. and this is what I’m going to write about in my report.

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MSN program was created by Microsoft on July 22, 1992. It was formally named “MSN Messenger” but it has been renamed as “windows live messenger” on December 13, 2005. It has many different versions, the first version of MSN messenger was version 1.0. It was released on July 22, 1999. It was only included basic feature like text messaging and very simple contact list. More than 10 version have been released since then and there are many popular versions people still use until now like Messenger 7.5, Windows Live Messenger 8, Windows Live Messenger 2009 and the final one, Windows Live Messenger 2011 which was released on September 30, 2010 and I personally recommended it for its many different interesting features.

To sign in the MSN Messenger you must have first an email account (excluding @hotmail, @msn or @live). When you open the program it will ask you to enter your email and password first. If you don’t have a hotmail account you can get one easily and for free from the hotmail website and If you don’t have the MSN program also there are many free links you can find and download the program from it .

Like most instant messaging services the main advantage of using MSN program is the ability to communicate with friends, family and businesses. It is like conversation on a chat room with yourself and a friend or more. You type a message and it appear on their screen, they type a reply and it appear also on your screen. It is actually safer and more privet than chat rooms. it is simple, free, easy to access and use. It is good for keeping in touch with friends and family. users can add as many contacts as they want. When users sign in to MSN Messenger they will be able to see which of their contacts are online. It has a possibility to send messages to contacts who are offline and they will receive the offline messages as soon as they log in. They can share and send folders like pictures, music, documents and many different kinds of files. It is support voice and video conversation, that is mean you will be able to see who you are talking to through the webcam. It is similar to video calling on mobiles but it is better quality and of course for free. There is also an ability which was launched on July 12, 2006 that allows windows live messenger and Yahoo users to chat with each other without having to create an account on the other service. In addition the software allows you to run more than one messenger on multiple accounts. You can delete and block contacts so they won’t be able to contact you ever again unless you added them again but in the latest version instead of blocking feature you can appear offline to your contacts as well as to particular contacts. Users can connect services like Facebook and MySpace with windows live messenger. They can post updates and photo to these services also imports contacts from these services. In MSN Messenger there are many fun games available that can be played via the conversation. You can invite your friends to challenge them in a game competition. There are graphics you can use which are called Emoticons. Users can send messages to other contact in a way that make the conversation more attractive and express a particular emotion. You can also add more emoticons by downloading more from internet.

like any other thing in the world MSN has disadvantages too. But they are few comparing with the huge advantages that the program has. I think one disadvantage that most users know about is that you don’t have the control about who adds you to their own contact list. So many times strangers people add me but I always block and delete them. You have always to update for the new versions released. Sometimes it has log on problems. People can send you viruses through files. And the most common problem of course is hacking your hotmail account. It happens to users and sometimes they can’t have their accounts back. MSN also used sometimes for gossiping. There is a feature called MySpace, were you users can write about themselves and put self pictures for them. It is a little dangerous if you put self photos because you don’t know who is seeing them and took them. There are not so many disadvantages but they are still little bit risky and it’s important to be aware of them.

In conclusion I think MSN Messenger are indeed very important program that continue to attract people from all over the world. I feel it is somehow become a way of life. Where people meet and talk for hours.

Manar Mohammed AL-Sawafi

Advantages and disadvantages of MSN Messenger essay

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