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Four Contextual Factors

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1. Four Contextual Fators Apple have shown an ample example that they have implemented the four contextual factors in the organization which then lead to their organization successfulness. i. Culture – Steve Jobs, the founder of the organization have a clear vision and yet simple that he wants the whole organization to know. “Bringing the best personal computing, mobile communication, and portable digital music and video experience to consumers, students, educators, businesses, and government agencies through its innovative hardware, software, peripherals, services, and Internet offerings. Steve Jobs. ii. Strategy - Apple Inc. also spends a fair time of training and or re-training its employees on a global scale and comes up with many new devices to not only keep the shareholders happy, but also by braining storming and coming up with new technology so in which Apple Inc. can hire new employees; thus helping the global economy. Apple Inc. understands, as new venture grows, there can be a need for more and more administration. (Hisrich, Peters, 2010, p. p. 127) iii.

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Culture - Team building and team sustaining with repositioning is and can be a gruesome task, however ‘Time heals all wounds unless you pick at them. ’ (Shawn Alexander www. bellaonl ine. com/articles/art11602. asp) Managers worldwide can look at Apple Inc and learn that with any type of conflict; where it is by internal or external nature; can be maintained and or healed if the organization has a team willing to work and learn together if the team is willing to collaborate systematically. v. Enviroment - People believe that the leaders in the organization, especially Steve Jobs are one of the reasons for the organizational success; Human resources are a very important. Apple has been known to be a good employer. Its employees are appreciated and valued. They are provided with a healthy work culture that comes from learning organization, some of them feel that Apple has a wrong human resource strategy as they maintain secrecy.

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