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Foreign Workers

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A very good afternoon I bid to the House Speaker, Honourable Adjudicators, worthy opponents, precise timekeeper and members of the parliament. Now the time has come for me as the first speaker from the opposition team to stand here to speak on the motion “Foreign workers harm the country”. But before I proceed with the first argument on the motion. I would like to give the opposition definition of the keywords in the motion. ‘Foreign workers’ is defined as a person who works in a country other than the one of which he or she is a citizen.

According to Oxford Dictionary, ‘harm’ is defined as physically injure, which in this case, foreign workers causes harm to malaysians citizens. Therefore, we,the opposition define today’s motion as “Foreign workers harm the country”. Ladies and Gentlemen, Before I proceed with my first argument, allow me to state our stand regarding the motion today. We, the opposition, strongly say that foreign workers harm the country. As the first speaker, I will speak on ‘citizens’ and ‘unemployment’ factors. My second speaker will touch some factors. Whereas my third speaker will do the rebuttals. Members of the House, As the first speaker, allow me to convince you that ‘Foreign workers harm the country physically and financially’. According to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, foreign workers in Malaysia numbered 3. 5 million as of mid-2011, comprising 1. 5 million legal foreign workers 2. 0 illegals. He also mentioned that Malaysians relies heavily on foreign workers to help out in the construction and plantation sectors.

Most of the workers are sourced from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. However, ladies and gentlemen, what happens if these foreign workers become unemployed? Won’t they resort to crime? Even our police force will be and are still unable to cope with the situation. We are in dire straits as too many unemployed foreigners are a social menace and yet the government intends to take in more foreign workers. S. Vidyanathan, an assemblyman from Barisan Nasional actually mentioned that foreign workers behave inappropriately and made residents around them felt uncomfortable.

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He also mentioned that “They often stay in big groups and have been seen taking baths using water pipes in front of their houses and wearing only towels or underwear. They loiter around playgrounds and other public places where they hug and kiss in public . ” As you all know, ladies and gentlemen, this type of behaviour is not acceptable in Malaysia because of our culture and religion. This proved that foreign workers promote bad cultures specially to the youngsters. Ladies and Gentlemen, A lot of studies had been conducted on foreign worker issues in Malaysia and they had been discussed in various dimensions.

Yet, negative impacts which come along such as social problems were commited by foreign workers. For instance, spread of diseases, theft, cheating, roberry and even killing. Ladies and Gentlemen, The unemployment rate can be defined as the number of people actively looking for a job divided by the labour force. Changes in unemployment depend mostly on inflows made up of non-employed people starting to look for jobs, of employed people who lose their jobs and look for new ones and of people who stop looking for employment. According to Labour Force Indicator Malaysia, it shows that the unemployment ate in Malaysia increases from 2012 to 2013 with the percentage from 2. 8% to 3. 2%. Foreign labour is the main factor that causes over population. And as you all know, ladies and gentlemen, overpopulation cause many unemployed. Now, foreigners enter our country easily by sea and land, of course to avoid immigration and customs authorities and to take our jobs. Members of the House, For your information, the unemployment rate in Malaysia is considered low compared to the early years such as 1986 where the unemployment rate reached as high as 7. 6%.

Foreign workers from Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines and many other countries enter Malaysia and fill in the vacant jobs in Malaysia causing job sectors to decrease in the number of jobs available for our own labor force causing labor force in Malaysia to increase in the unemployment rate. Please consider about this Mister Prime Minister, why would you do this to our own country? So there you are, ladies and gentlemen, I have given you strong argument why we, the government say foreign workers harm the country. With that, I rest my case.

Foreign Workers essay

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