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Low Wage Workers

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What most Americans don’t know is that many of the workers keeping our nation pulsating are paid low wages, earning barely enough to afford essentials like food, health care, utilities and rent. Most of these low-wage contract workers are clustered in sectors and industries like apparel manufacturing, retail trade, basic construction, facilities support, security services, and education. There are over forty million jobs in the United States and one out of three pays their employees minimum wage. www. nbcnews. com.

The majority of these businesses often do not offer employment benefits like health insurance, retirement savings accounts, paid sick days or family leave. These low-wage employments are replacing careers that have historically supported a broad middle class. Way too many companies have been able to get away with such, due to the state of our economy, their employees not standing up for themselves and most of all, migrants who accept to work at any low wage or illegally get paid under the table. The current state of our economy has affected many Americans, including myself.

On May of last year, I was forced to accept a pay wage that was insignificant to the amount of work that I was completing for my employer and company. I am being taken advantage of, along with my co-workers as well. This decision was engaged by the head executive of my job to lower as much as fity percent of their employees’ wage knowing that with the current state of our economy and the lack of jobs out there, ninety-five percent of these workers will stay even after his decision. www. mybk. com/employeesyearlyevaluation. Affectively, not too many coworkers resigned due to my jobs unfair treatments and low wage today, not much has improved.

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It is something that needs to be changed. I understand alteration is not something that is going to happen overnight, but I believe if everyone stood up to this injustice, the change will occur slowly but surely. Like CNNs’ well-known journalist Anderson Cooper once said on national television, “The average middle class Americans are being pushed every day towards poverty by The Big Guys”. (By “The Big Guys” he means big businesses such as BK, McDonalds and Wendy’s). A great percentage of these establishments such as BK, McDonalds and Wendy’s make enough profit for their employees to deserve a well-paid job.

Instead many choose to be greedy and invest this extra bonus into their own corporation. If these companies were to take care of their employees as much as they take good care of their customers, their companies profit would triple. Americancoorporationslocalreport. com/FL It is very possible for the majority of these enterprises to raise their workers’ wage and benefits. It won’t happen just by wishing it but by sharing our thoughts and opinions on this matter. We all must stake together in order for us to combat and win against the big businesses’ injustice toward low wage employees.

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