Flying Career Opportunities

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The majority of pilots in training have an intended career goal in mind, but many of them ignore some of the obvious opportunities that exist outside of the mainstream. Though commercial airlines offer excellent opportunities for well trained pilots, the market for pilot services extends well beyond that limited field. Among the other opportunities for employment for pilots include agricultural work, operating as a corporate private pilot for a company, working as a helicopter pilot in various capacities, and working as a flight instructor for a private company.

These things are well paying jobs that offer growth opportunities and they are all looking for new, qualified individuals to take the initiative. Each opportunity requires a different skill set that might fit the needs of a particular pilot, but they all take the basic qualifications of flying and offer gainful employment from that. One opportunity that the majority of certified pilots never even consider is serving in an agricultural capacity.

These pilots can be employed by large farms and other farming organizations to perform crop dusting duties. These pilots do not fly large commercial jets. Instead, they take flight in smaller, specially designed aircrafts that have a specific purpose. They fly over large areas of crops and spread out various chemicals over those crops. Among the many things that agricultural pilots spread are herbicides, seeds, and different fertilizers. They are an essential part of the process of farming, as large areas of land must be treated in this way.

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The working conditions associated with agricultural flight are somewhat different and slightly more demanding than in other forms of piloting. Since the different chemicals have to be spread evenly over all of the crops, the planes have to fly at a very low altitude. That fact, along with the fact that these planes have to carry heavy loads, can make it somewhat difficult to fly them efficiently. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that landing and takeoff must take place on small country roads instead of the runways that most pilots are accustomed to. Read also emerging business opportunities at IBM case analysis

In addition, while commercial flight can take place year around, crop dusting pilots are usually only needed for between six months and nine months out of every year. For the most part, the salary range for these pilots is dependent upon which farm and how long a pilot works for. In order to get this salary and this job, the only real qualification is a pilot’s license and some experience. Pilots who enjoy getting people to their destination, but do not like the ins and outs of the corporate flight world will often opt to work as a private pilot for a corporation.

This is a field that is expanding in this day and age, as more and more companies, schools, and individuals get their hands on planes. In this job, a pilot could have a couple of different options. They could either be employed directly by a company for the purpose of operating a personal plane or they could be employed by a company that owns planes and rents them out to businesses and organizations. Either way, the job is to be on call for private flights from a given business. Wherever they need to go, pilots have to be ready and willing to take them.

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