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Feasibility of Hoosier Burger

Six Feasibility Factors: 1) Economic Feasibility With proper inventory strategy and good customer service, the Hoosier Burger can benefit in terms of increased sales and profit. Besides that, the Hoosier Burger would definitely have regular customers like any other restaurants. Therefore, the Hoosier Burger should improve its management system to assure the regular visits.

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2) Operational Feasibility Better operating system leads to more efficient time management as it is an issue of Hoosier Burger.

Implementations of a good system enable better schedule handling and customer service. By applying a new and improved system, problems can be solved and the use of time would be proper during business. 3) Technical Feasibility With the help of the project team and owners Bob and Thelma, Hoosier Burger should have no problem executing this proposed system. The issues to be fixed are very fixable and can be done quite quickly with the proper organization and strive. 4) Schedule Feasibility

While there is no time frame mentioned in the case, it is assumed that Hoosier Burger will take action promptly to assure continued success of the business. They want to keep their loyal customers and must act quickly in order to do so. 5) Legal and Contractual Feasibility There seem to be few legal risks in this case. This is a small but established business that will not have copyright or nondisclosure issues. The only risk may be in retrieving information about the customer base. 6) Political Feasibility Politics are not mentioned or described in the Hoosier Burger case.