A Comprehensive Feasibility Study For The Establishment Of Paintwork T-shirt Printing House

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A COMPREHENSIVE FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF PAINTWORK T-SHIRT PRINTING HOUSE Introduction Nowadays, printed shirt are almost seen everywhere: school uniforms with the school logos printed on it, advertisements printed on shirts, title of an event, different cartoon characters, quotable phrases and lot more things printed on shirts. There are many processes of transferring a design to a shirt. Computer printed designs, screen printing process, heat transferred images, and painting the shirt itself.

In these modern days, things are done in faster ways; that is why computers play varieties of role. Computer printed designs are among the most common in the market today. One can have his own picture printed in a shirt in just an hour or he can even personalize a design that he likes to be printed in his shirt. A design can also be transferred in number of shirts in a clothing company. This computer printed shirt is the focus of this feasibility study. We come up with this product to compete in the demand of modern days’ consumers.

In addition to computer printed shirts, we also come up with the idea having painted designs as an art design exclusive for each company. Images add art to the printed shirts. It livens up the clothing and gives more attraction to those who see it. Universities have their university shirts or organizational shirts, which is sometimes used by the students as their uniforms. Our business is targeting this opportunity for us to give them a uniquely designed t-shirts that will surely be appreciated by the students and other group of people.

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In addition to this, we also aim to create our exceptional own painted design for some organizations who conduct events and some small companies in the country. The Concept PAINTWORK conceptualized a production enterprise that will be the producer of painted designed and computer printed shirts in some other schools in the country particularly in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (the four owners’ alma mater). We plan to create the products not for retail purposes but as a wholesale supply catering to the needs of the targeted market for their painted shirt uniforms, section shirts, organization shirts, batch hirts and other customized shirts. Nowadays, computer printed shirt designs are common in the market, so as the screen-printed designed shirts. Computer printed designs though are more modern and has more quality with designs. It being an easy process to transfer a design to shirts with exclusive painted design for each company is our unique selling proposition. Our business oriented and hip designs are popular especially with the teenagers, students and the young.

We come up with this product believing that we can supply the needs of consumers to have more modernized and likeable designs in its best outcome. Although we are new in this kind of business, we still can promise the best outcome and produce very good quality painted designed computer printed shirts that can be used in events, organizational uniforms, school uniforms and other more occasions. The price will be based on the cost used to create the product. Our painted shirts will surely compete in the market in terms of pricing but we are confident that ours is a product that is worth to be paid for.

Objectives As stated in the concept for its creation, PAINTWORK will paint designed shirts that will be used for uniform purposes in school organizations, small companies, events, and some institutions. PAINTWORK is comparable in the market in terms of pricing but the process of production and high quality end product differs. The designs are personally made and manually transferred to the shirt resulting to excellent classy products that will satisfy the consumers.

The objective of our company is to be more competitive in the market and to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of paint designed computer printed shirts in the Philippines. * Short Term Objectives * To build a good rapport with the consumers and to the people. * To maintain a good working relationship with all our employees and also to the suppliers. * To be the favoured company of the leading universities and some companies to supply them our shirts with hand painted designs. * Long Term Objectives * Our company’s objective is to be the leading supplier of the printed hirts for the next 5 years in Polytechnic University of the Philippines to be used on the General Assembly of the students of Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance, and also for some universities in the country. * Our business will endeavour to be an excellent company here in the Philippines that will be loved by the Filipinos and eventually we can export our products to other countries. Company Logo Organizational Chart ZAILEEN A. CULATA Sales Supervisor AVEGAIL C. LUCERO Office Supervisor PAULINE AGNES VELASCO Production Supervisor TITO M.

PINEDA III General Manager Production workers Assistant PAINTWORK will be having four main heads for its organizational chart. Every partner will be assigned to each department to assure the harmony and proper management of the entity. The four partners are distributed in four main positions in the company such as general manager, production supervisor, sales supervisor and office supervisor. The establishment will hire three sociable and customer-oriented crews. Two crews will be assigned in printing and editing the t-shirt design; one crew will assist them.

Neither of the pioneers will supervise the over-all development of the business. Manpower Requirement 1. Job Title: General Manager * Responsible for the whole organization and the business operation. He is also responsible to the following functions: * Must see to it in carrying out or handling the day-to-day operations of the business. * Must plan out various developments for maximum profitability of the business. * Must render wise decisions for the changes and improvement s of the business operation. * Must assure to every customer that they can produce quality products they needed. 2.

Job Title: Production Supervisor * She is responsible for supervising the production workers in the whole process of production and maintenance of the area. She also approves or edits the original design from the business or personalized design from the customers. 3. Job Title: Sales Supervisor * Sales supervisor is responsible for marketing and delivery of the product. She is in charge in dealing with the customers. 4. Job Title: Office Supervisor * She is responsible for supervising the office works. She manages the accountant and the clerk in the office. 5. Job Title: Production Workers They are the ones responsible for transferring the designs to the computer, printing the shirt, drying and packaging of the products. They deal with the whole process of producing the best paint designed computer printed shirts. 6. Job Title: Assistant * Serves as a clerk that assists in all the office works. Services Offered Paintwork will offer services on customized, personalized t-shirt printing and editing design. Products will be made in its highest quality, perfect for corporate gifts, batch shirt, uniforms, give away, couple shirt, university shirts and more.

Our aim is to delivering quality garments made to your design and specifications at a competitive price by using the latest printing techniques for any occasion. If you’re in the market for an individually stylized piece of apparel, we’ve got everything you’re ever likely to need! T -shirt printing designs is what we’re all about and regardless of whether you have an idea of your own in mind, or you fancy one of our best sellers, the garments we will supply you with will be of a superior quality. We pride ourselves on the reliability of service we will offer. Actual Plan

PAINTWORK will be built outside the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, specifically in Newton’s Plaza, Sta. Mesa, Manila. Initially, the three sociable and customer-oriented crews will handle the production of customized, personalized t-shirts and designs. Rest assured that the ambiance of the establishment is excellent to make customers feel comfortable. Floor Plan Future Plans After six months of operation, PAINTWORK will launch its latest additional product offers such as personalized banners and tarpaulins. After a year, a branch is planned to build but the location is not yet final.

These measures are intended to provide the same quality and affordable customized, personalized printing of shirts and advertisement designs to students, companies and others. Facilities The business should have the following facilities to be able to operate: 1. Office * Having an office is necessary to accommodate customers and to serve as an area for people to work. 2. Printing Room * The business needs its own printing room to meet the standard of the consumers in printing t-shirts. The room has machines for printing and other equipment in need to do the products. 3.

Sewing Room * It is where the products are being sewed to add design with the t-shirts. Production Process 1. Creating the Design. This is the first step in producing the painted shirt. The design must first be done and drafted for the next step to continue. In this step, the consumers must agree with the design being suggested or pass his personal design. The colors to be used must also be enumerated. 2. Transferring the Design to the Computer. 3. Printing the Shirt Design. This is the main step of this process; this is where the design is being transferred on the shirt. . Drying Drying is very important in this process because once the painted design is not dry, it might be ruined and the shirt will not be used at all. The painted shirt is dried through blowers for quicker drying. 5. Checking of Shirt This step is done to ensure that all the painted shirts will turn out as expected, excellent and with a classy result. 6. Packaging This is the last step of the production process where in the finished painted shirts are placed in a cloth bag as it packaging. After this, the painted shirts can be delivered. Production The process of production was practiced very well and perfected to have a product with a high standard and quality that will be best suited for its consumers. * All employees / workers are trained proficiently and must be very knowledgeable on how the process of production goes as well as the proper use of facilities and equipment. * Materials come from reliable sources with their own safety measures to have a quality and trusted product. * The business also sees to it that there are enough materials so as not to delay the production process.

Packaging PAINTWORK Designed shirts are packed in cloth bags. These are better than the usual packaging that comes in plastic sack. Quality Control Our business ensures the quality and unique prints of the shirts to meet the customer’s satisfaction. In order to prove the business’ claim that it is 100% worth to be paid for, we set our guidelines and policies for the workers to follow in the production of our product. Investments The owners made the following investments to meet the goals of the business: EquipmentP35,000 OfficeP 45,000 Initial OperationsP25,000

TOTAL COSTP 105,000 The equipment include the sewing machines and the printing machines while the office includes the facilities like tables and chairs in the main office, printing room and sewing room. Profitability Analysis The simplest way of approximating profitability is to assume the expected payment of the consumers and subtract from it the expected expenses. The t-shirt costs P160. 00 – P300. 00. In example, a customer ordered 50 shirts and the quality of its design costs, let’s say, P200. 00 each. 50 shirts X P200. 00 = P10, 000. 00

For instance that the cost of expenses on each shirt is P120. 00, the business will earn a profit of P80. 00 for each shirt, with the total of P4, 000. 00, that is for 50 shirts. The profit of the company depends on the number of shirts a customer will ask. Thus, this computation is in approximation and still subjected for any changes if such is to be proven needed. Operational Expenses As for the computation, operational expenses are estimated to be around P120. 00 per shirt. For instance, there are 50 shirts to be printed (P120. 00 x 50), a total of P6000. 0 is the operational expense incurred. This amount should therefore be watched to monitor the operational expenses of the company. The general manager in this sense should consider allocating the remaining retained earnings as an allowance for PAINTWORK. Break-Even Point Analysis PAINTWORK initially invested P105, 000. 00 which is recoverable immediately after an approximately 5 months of successful regular operations. The management placed the shirts at a price range which is cost effective and considering wholesaler as our major target market.

The average price of a t-shirt is P160. 00, more affordable than expected though it has many benefits and price will be stable and not to become a big deal at all. Performance and Appraisal Program The company will conduct an evaluation on the employees in which the supervisor evaluates their performance; the result of the evaluation will be given to the employees indicating the level of their performance areas of improvement. This evaluate will be the basis for the increase of their salary and promotion for employees.

The following factors that the company will consider: 1. A manager and employee shall hold formal appraisal meetings once or twice a year. 2. Employees should be given immediate and adequate feedback regarding their performance. The manager and supervisor should maintain a record of critical incident specific situation, task, action and result negative and positive. 3. Managers and supervisors are accountable for evaluating performance in developing their subordinates. The manager and supervisor should also be appraising in their performance management skills. 4.

The performance appraisal system shall encourage the employee’s participation in the company. Timetable PAINTWORK DATE| ACTIVITIES| START: 2nd week, March – April 2012| Feasibility studies, research and Analysis| 2nd week, March – 2nd week, July 2012| Capital Contribution| 3rd week, April – 2nd week, May 2012| Registration Permit and other Licenses| 1st and 2nd week, April 2012| Canvassing of Raw Materials and Location of the Business| 3rd week, June – 2nd week of July 2012| Setting the Place of the Business| 1st and 2nd week, June 2012| Recruitment and Hiring of Employees| 1st week , August 2012|

Purchasing of Raw Materials and Equipment| 4th week, August 2012| Training of Employees| 1st week, September 2012| Ribbon Cutting and Start of the Normal Business Operation|

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