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Fast moving business environment

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In this fast-moving business environment, it has become increasingly necessary for an organization to embrace change, especially in its technology and marketing strategies, in order to maintain competitive edge. Competition and demand in high-quality products has made business environments to be very dynamic in that it requires dynamic organization and systems to offer effective responses to these dynamic business environments by implementing planning and implementing successfully changes.

As in the case of Verizon, the management must choose the image of management change that will give the best result and use it. If well-implemented results will always be good. For organizations to succeed in their adoption of required changes, they must formulate and adopt an excellent code of ethics that will guide the employees and managers in carrying out their duties in the ordinary course of their duties. Chief Executive Officers and senior managers should liaise with the experts on the best and suitable changes in an organization which will aid in attaining its objectives.


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Fast moving business environment

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