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Export of Pakistan Textiles

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Textile industry has been the bulwark of Pakistan's economy. It contributes more than 60% to the total export earnings of the country, accounts for 46% of the total manufacturing and provides employment to 38% of the manufacturing labor force. The availability of basic raw material for textile industry, cotton, has played a principal role in the growth of the industry. Although the growth in the textile sector has been impressive during the four decades after independence (but imbalanced in favor of narrow base of low value added products), stagnation has set in due to certain changes in the global and the domestic factors.

With the movement of textile production from developed countries towards less developed countries, Pakistani producers are losing their competitive advantage. Pakistan Textile export is mainly for USA and Europe. Pakistan stands in top ten textile export countries. Pakistan has good quality raw cotton which has a good demand in all over the world. The average growth of Pakistan textile industry is reasonably high at the moment Pakistan has more than 7,000 textile industries and their export is approximately 3,000 million square meters per year. Pakistan share of textiles in world trade is about 9 percent.

Two major reasons exist for reviewing the literature. The first, the preliminary search that helps you to generate and refine your research ideas. The second, often referred to as critical review, is part of research project proper. (Sharp and Howard, 1996) Most research books argue that this critical review of literature is necessary. After through studies of different Export and import books and literature, I have found that only a small portion is dedicated to the buyers' and sellers' behavior and most of the focus is given to, how to export and import.

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No doubt these were not adequate information to compete my research that's why I decided to search more and more information on topic and now hopefully I have gathered adequate information to deal with my Research methodology and to support my arguments. And this information, gathered from journal and articles will focus on the British and Pakistani textiles buyers' and sellers' perspective. The literature used in this research will also help in analyzing the issues and results critically either by comparing different point of views of different authors or by quoting statements in the favor of results.

To gain product's knowledge I will use my observations and company documents. Primary literature sources (also known as grey literature) are the first occurrence of a piece of work. They include published sources such as reports and some central and local government publications such as white papers and planning documents. They also include unpublished manuscripts sources such as letters, memos. There are so many published sources available from where I can get enough information about my research topic.

Pakistani government published so much material on the export of Pakistan Textile industry. I read that publications and I got a good idea about the behavior of the Pakistani sellers' and also about the buyers' of the Pakistani Textile products. I also reviewed the reports, which are published by the British government about the import of the textile products from different countries. This is also helpful for my research topic. Secondary literature sources such as books and journals are the subsequent publications of primary literature.

These publications are aimed at a wider audience. They are easier to locate than primary literature as they are better covered by the tertiary literature. There is book by Nasim Yousaf with the title Export ; Import Apparel and Textiles from Pakistan will be quite helpful for my research. In this book there is so much information about the Pakistani textile industry and there is also some information about the buyers' and sellers' behavior.

There is also enough information about the topic in so many articles and journals, which are written, by the Pakistani authors and British authors. From these articles and journals I got so much information about my topic. This will be helpful for me in the future. Tertiary literature sources also called search tools, are designed either to help to locate primary and secondary literature or to introduce a topic. They therefore include indexes and abstract as well as encyclopedias and bibliographies.

Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan has a uploaded a website and on that website I found so much relevant material about my research topic. In that website there is so much information about the, share of Pakistani textile products in the international market, the information about the main buyers and sellers of textiles products, about the quality of the Pakistani textile products, in that website they also discussed the buyers' expectation from the Pakistani seller. So this website of Export Promotion Bureau Pakistan is also a good source or information for my research topic.

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