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Expense of tourist spending for travel in bkk

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Penetration is acquire new household or customer although can divided by to term, category and brand. Mix is to trade up to premium products. Last requirements to increase of share of requirements and growth category requirements. Brand Growth Strategies More Stuff More People More Money More Often Expansion Penetration MIX Requirement Expand to new domain Acquire new outside current householder or category customer -Category -Brand Trade up to premium product -Increase share of requirements - Expansion is to attract new user of brand, not include line extension or variants of current products.

Using when the category growth maturing, unmet needs, and benefits transferable to another category. - Penetration can include line extension or variant of current product can separate by two parts. First category penetration are more people using category; using when low of category development, gain frost mover advantage, and opportunity to motivate to meet the needs also new channels opportunity. Second brand penetration are more people using brand at least one in category; using when developed category or rejected brand out of date, opportunity or adoption or point of entry. Mix can include line extension or variant of current product using when brand being dominant, opportunity for current consumer spend more money to purchases. - Requirement can include line extension or variant of current product can separate by two part. First category requirement for developing new user, make more chance for brand to meet other needs. Second share of requirement(SORE) to stealing current chance from direct competitor. Integrate Marketing Planning (IMP)

IMP is process helps you to produce a commercial program in more efficient way of managing marketing communication activities that center around an idea, which create behavior changing to meet commercial objective How to apply to my group project? Our group project is Sky wife smart pen so libraries smart pen which are innovative device include function that support you to record audio transfer information via wife access to your smart phone or laptop, also can send your writing information too.

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As guest speaker say our group project will apply libraries pen "to sell" we can expand more stuff not specific with pen to attract interest of consumer, selling product for more people to explain overall of our products functional and usage for people who don't know by doing marketing, more money absolutely all of business need more money so company can upgrade quality of products and increasing price when products quality meet demand of consumer, more often by integrate new buyer to known exactly value of product of company and promote good appearance of product before competitor.

Expense of tourist spending for travel in bkk essay

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