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Example essay about bullying

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Bullying is an international epidemic and is evident across all cohort in the education system. It is an intentional and repeated intimidating behaviour by an individual or group against another students or group. Bullying has been a global issues and is evident in all age group although it is not a part of growing up. Bullying can be describe has a destructive act that can have major impact on students physical and mental health either short or long term. Bullying takes many forms and can occur in a ‘real’ or virtual environment. Bullying that occurs face-to-face can be verbal, physical, emotional and social. Bullying is considered a common practice of violence in schools. Many studies have shown that bullying makes schools to be unsafe places for students. (Maliki et al., 2009).


Bullying among schoolchildren is certainly a very old phenomenon. Many children are frequently and systematically harassed and attacked by other children has been described by many of my colleagues. Students who are bullied at school may show symptoms such as: becoming aggressive and unreasonable; start to get into fights; refuse to talk about what is wrong; have unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches, particularly those appearing after recess or lunch; have missing or damaged belongings or clothes; have falling school grades; be alone often or excluded from friendship groups at school; show a change in the their ability or willingness to speak up in class; appear insecure or frightened and be a frequent target for teasing, mimicking, ridicule or public humiliation. In response to this increasingly hostile treatment, the victims change and become more accepting and submissive. (Victoria State Government, 2014).

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Jamaican classrooms have been and haven for bullying and had left several students has victims. I have realized that many students face dia-consequence of been bullied by peers, older students or close friend. In spite of making several complain to deans of discipline, guidance councillors’ principals and sometimes classroom teachers, bullying are still one of the main problems students experience within the school setting. This stems form name calling, teasing, physical abuse and extortion. This has been the underlining factor for school violence, anti- social gangs. Most of the time stakeholders fail to put plans into place to tack these issues instead they pretend they are non-existent. The victims becoming paralyzed with fear and suffering physically, psychosocially and academically, which spiral anti-social behaviours.

According to Corey Robinson (2019) there are growing concerns that Jamaican school administrators are not doing enough to stem bullying within their walls, as dozens of parents whose children have been targeted say they are left helpless and confused. In order to stop this bullying epidemic in our schools the government of Jamaican along with Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green, launch a sensitisation campaign to sensitized teachers’, about how to be keen on the matter. The main document use that drive this move was study done in 2015 by UNICEF. The study reveals that 75 per cent of bullied students report it to school authorities, only 34 per cent found that this made any difference to their ordeal. The study also showed that, nine out of 10 students have seen a child being bullied at school, and six in 10 students say they have been bullied at some point in their lives.

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