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Difference Between Domestic and International Marketing

Difference between international marketing and domestic marketing First, International marketing is facing a more complex market environment .Domestic marketing is conducted in this country and so faced corresponding structure of the market environment is relatively simple ,which consists of those factors that are more familiar to companies — the domestic political, economic, legal, cultural and so on.However, International marketing is facing a more complex environment, it’s a market with multi-level structure.

This is because those companies who engage in international marketing , will inevitably be subjected to the world market environment.

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Which requires companies to face the world market environment, including the world’s political, military, economic, technological and other aspects. Second, International marketing is facing more Uncertainties factors The contradiction between subjective understanding and objective reality, coupled with the volatility of the objective process, international marketing facd more uncertainties factors for the companies .

Compared with domestic marketing, it’s more difficult to make sure the total demand, purchasers and competitors and more difficult to investigate and predict wholesale segment, retail structure, buying habits in international marketing. Third, International marketing is facing more diverse selection of marketing programs Companies in the domestic market, although also need to deal with different regions and different programs for different target markets, different strategies, and even the use of different promotions, but the overall program is the same however. he international market is a market composed of different countries . Enterprises in the international marketing, its marketing programs are of diversity, Enterprises in different country markets to sell their products, not unified marketing program, and must host country market, different scenarios were developed.

Four, Marketing in international marketing is more difficult  Besides the complex environment and the uncertain factors ,diverse selection programs, international marketing have more risks and meet more fierce competition. The risks are added by the changing international political situation and the fluctuate exchange rate . Competitor’s brilliant competitive strategy in price, promotion and products made the international market more and more narrow.

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