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Do Each Other’s Makeup

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Emma chamberlain is a 17-year-old girl that makes youtube videos and has 5’497’536 subscribers. She was born in San,Carlos, California on May 22nd, 2001 her father is a oil painter. She is on a strict vegan diet she made a video on how to make vegan cookies. After posting her first youtube video “summer lookbook 2017 “ she reached 50k followers on Instagram. Emma dropped out of Notre dame high school for youtube .she drives a Subaru. she lives in California.

She loves iced coffee and going to the beach\ocean she fonds ice cream and enjoys reading favorite show is the office she made a whole video about her coffee recipe and why coffee is good she does not try hard like some YouTubers try way to hard she keeps it low key like not to extra or dramatic she keeps it chil. Her eyes are blue. has dirty blonde hair. is 5’4 5’5 its in between. she is 51 kilos. she is extremely skinny. And usually has her hair down or in a ponytail and LOVES scrunchies with a ponytail loves sunglasses loves putting chapstick on 24\7 lol. does not like sports.

Emma is a part of the sister squad what exactly is the sister squad u might ask well it is a group that included emma James Charles and the Dolan twins they love doing each other's makeup and always spilling the tea sis they went to las vegas togher James yed Emma's hair brown but it faded back to her natural dirty blonde and ya that's the sister squad . Emma's style is vintage because she loves to thrift shop for a lot of clothes she is casual dresser she always wears mom jeans and a denim jacket with a shirt or depending on the weather a hoodie most likely her merch cause you promo hehe he loves wearing light colors u can always count on her to wear yellow and loves some sandals is she does not wear makeup often unless it's a special event.

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Emma lives alone in a small apartment no pets or people just herself she is always cooking or doing a face mask or vlogging the most random stuff she likes trying new foods but it's kinda hard cause she vegan she has to always stay on a budget cause of vegan cause a lot of vegan stuff cost way more than regular diet cost. In conclusion, Emma Chamberlain is really different from others and has her own style and loves coffee and is vegan ok byeeee .

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