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Cupcake Bouquet Marketing Plan

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Furthermore, Cupcake Delight will venture the desserts industry in the whole Philippines with its mission of delivering palatable and affordable products. Values Cupcake Delight is also designed to improve and enhance the values rooted from its creation. It believes that these values will be an essential part of its success. These include the areas of organization, human, society, economy, and politics. Organizational Values * Total quality management * Continuous innovation of the products * Integrity and priority of work and performance * Teamwork * Proper orientation to the customers

Human Values * Safety and honesty of the workers * Freedom for initiative of employees * Development of skills of the bakers and employees * Career growth * Resourcefulness in every situation Social Values * Corporate social responsibility * Think green, do green * Respect for cultural diversity, minorities, and majorities Economic Values * Responsive to the trends in the economy * Harmony in the allocation of all forms of resources Cupcake Bouquet Marketing Plan By Gretchen * Adherence of laws and policies * Appropriate use of freedom of expression * Advocate for peace and order

Goals Cupcake Delight intends to be in the right direction and to keep on the right track. To accomplish this, it furnishes its goals for the company. * To introduce an innovation of cupcakes to the market and to advertise them effectively * To establish a connection, value, and loyalty to the customers * To promote the cupcake bouquet, Beefcake, as one of the best gifts for any occasions IIThe target market of Cupcake Delight feature product, Beefcake, is the male. A total of 76% are willing to spend their money compared to the female with the total of 75%.

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There is a very little difference but it is great to target the males since they are the most appropriate customers who will spend their money to buy present for their significant others. Beefcake is a supreme and delightful gift in this kind of romantic relationship. In addition, Beefcake is not Just limited as a gift for sweethearts but can also be a present for people celebrating special events in their lives. It is best for individuals celebrating their birthdays, commemorating their anniversaries, rejoicing their graduation, remembering special days like teacher, mother and father's day, children's party and among others.

These occasions somewhat require gifts; the 75% female can be the customers for these. Ill. MARKETING NEEDS OR TRENDS The cupcake bouquet, Beefcake, has a 79% demand in the market. The percentage of demand is based on the survey question whether the respondents are willing to spend their money to purchase the product. Out the 200 respondents, 1 58 answered yes. This demand can give anticipation that the product will be likely accepted by the market when introduced. A 79% is a good figure to start presenting a product that is something new to the market. Almost three fourths are willing to buy though roughly 7. % have already seen a product in resemblance to the Beefcake. Cupcakes are no longer different and new in the eyes and tastes of the customers but Beefcake which is innovated from this common product has still a demand in the market. It can be furtherer explained because 81% is fond of eating sweets. Therefore, when Beefcake is strategically introduced and advertised, the 79% market demand can equal the 81% of people who like sweets. Cupcake Stores are growing in the Dave Region. Recently, the Jonathans Cupcake which has a shop at Areola Street had its branch in the SMS Lang Premier where expanding its branches at cities outside Dave.

A group of students also entered the cupcake business Just this year. It is evident that there is a trend in cupcake business. The challenge is how to make the product attractive and unique from others. These cupcake stores offer varieties of flavors and customization of designs. However, Beefcake differentiates from these because of its feature and physique. This keeps up the Beefcake with the current trend in the market. In addition, Beefcake is not Just for satisfying hunger but can also be a present for loved ones especially during special occasions. 93. % stated that Beefcake is a good gift for those special events. 'V.

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