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Constraints Facing The African Stock Market Economics Essay

The African stock market is going progressively sophisticated in pricing, insulating and reassigning hazard. Tools such as derived functions and securitization contribute to this procedure but pose their ain hazard. The failure of accounting and ordinance to maintain abreast of development introduces more hazard with on occasion dramatic effects.

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Macroeconomic Factors

Macroeconomic hazards include rising prices hazard, involvement rate hazard, low modesty and thin fiscal market which all together affect the public presentation of a stock market. Macroeconomic policy has a great impact on the public presentation of the stock market. In 1996, the Zimbabwe stock market which accounted for an overall public presentation of 86.5 % . However, in 1997 its public presentation decreased by more than 50 % in the aftermath of dramatic authorities farm and to pay $ 240 million in pensions to veterans of Zimbabwe independency war.

For the last two decennaries, the growing rate of existent per capita end product for Africa has been negative, while other parts have been demoing strong positive growing rates. For illustration, while between the 1970s and 1990s East Asia and South Asia moved from an mean growing rate of 4.6 per centum and 0.7 per centum to 6.4 per centum and 3.3 per centum, severally, Sub-Saharan Africa ‘s growing rate declined from 0.5 per centum in the 1970s to -0.4 per centum in the 1990s.

Corporate Administration

Coup vitamin D ‘ & amp ; eacute ; cheapnesss is rather celebrated in African history. It appears that constitutional regulation are present at that place and politicians are pull stringsing fundamental laws to either seek thirster footings in office or perpetuate their stay. Therefore, there is a deficiency of good corporate administration in the states. In the absence of corporate administration, there is inappropriate policy taken by the authorities and regulative models. Furthermore, there is no control of corruptness, capacity edifice, and there is an uneffective, inefficient, no transparent and accountable system for mobilising and apportioning public every bit good as private resources.

High unemployment

In Africa, there is copiousness of unskilled labour and this may take to worsen of the on the job category. The growing in demand for skilled labour does non fit the diminution of unskilled and semi-skilled occupations. The labour market is switching towards more skilled workers, professionals and directors. A labour study in South Africa found that there is more demand for directors in the populace sector, particularly local authorities and peculiar services sectors

Unemployment is pig-headedly high and edging upward. In South Africa the expanded unemployment rate is estimated to be every bit high as 40 % with the official rate at about 29 % . The fact that the labour market is biased against those with less accomplishment is reflected in the higher mean wage additions for skilled individuals.

Trade Development

Many African states are faced with a multiplicity of challenges that prevent them from take parting in the planetary economic system and harvesting the benefits of increased globalisation. Africa is the most disconnected continent. Fourteen states are landlocked, accounting for 30 % of Africa ‘s population. The roots of the job prevarication in chronic restraints to competitiveness including, hapless substructure, little and disconnected markets, undeveloped fiscal markets, weak systems to ease trade, weaknesses in cardinal establishments, and the deficiency of equal human resources.

Political Hazard

Political instability, institutional incapacity and societal unrest inhibit foreign capital influxs. These in bend lower investing appetencies and have a negative impact for economic chances and investing clime.

Percepts of political hazard originating from peculiar events, such as those related to the recent elections in Kenya which generate market volatility and discourage investing. Africa is seen as a part of high political hazard, and important hazard premium are demanded by equity investors, loaners and insurance companies.

Currency fluctuation hazard

The planetary economic lag in universe growing may impact African exports of agricultural merchandises, minerals and hydrocarbons. Africa ‘s dependance on natural resource exports has made many states vulnerable to trade good monetary value dazes that are outside their control. Sudden additions in export grosss or import costs can do currency instability and budget uncertainness. Furthermore, there is strong grounds that currency depreciation has negative consequence on the public presentation of the African stock market.

Crisis of International Confidence

Many states in sub-Saharan Africa enjoyed robust economic growing in recent old ages. However, the nutrient and fuel monetary value dazes of 2007-08 that preceded the current planetary fiscal crisis weakened the external place of net importers of nutrient and fuel, caused rising prices to speed up, and dampened growing chances.

A research done by IMF shows that in the yesteryear a 1 per centum point lag in planetary growing has led to an estimated ? per centum point lag in sub-Saharan African states. But the effects may be more marked this clip because the tightening of planetary recognition compounds the impact of the lag, worsening hazards for trade finance and other capital flows.


The stock market needs specific attending when it comes to the menaces and challenges predominating. Normally, there are several ways which can take to the development of the stock market. Automation can be of great aid as it reduces costs every bit good as inefficiencies. It operates faster than the manual system which besides increases trading activities and liquidness.

We besides have demutualization which is a procedure that involves a alteration in ownership construction and a alteration in legal and organisation signifier. Factors such as competition among exchanges, demand for increased capital, demand for good corporate administration in exchanges and the impulse to open up ownership of exchanges to public investors help demutualization addition popularity. Demutualization is expected to work out common construction jobs by opening up merchandising rights, acknowledging new trading spouses, and broadening ownership such that the populace can put in exchanges. It besides increases entree to services of the exchange and removes inordinate investing costs for fund holders.

Another cardinal solution can be to beef up Financial Regulation and Supervision. Such a step will hike the assurance of investors every bit good as protects their rights and hence besides encourages them to put more in the stock market. The development of good quality establishments can besides impact the attraction of equity investing and lead to stock market development. Good quality establishments such as jurisprudence and order, democratic answerability, bureaucratic quality are of import determiners of stock market development in Africa because they cut down political hazard and heighten the viability of external finance.

The increased engagement of investors on the stock market will besides assist advancing efficient market patterns and fiscal invention. They typically favor greater transparence and market unity in both primary and secondary markets, seek lower dealing cost, and promote efficient trading and colony installations.

Enhancing surveillance of the OTC forex derivative markets by systematic processing and analysis of information on offshore activity will besides be of great aid.

Another proposed solution to jobs faced by African stock markets is to incorporate stock exchanges. Unifying African stock markets into a individual regional exchange instantly is no uncertainty an ambitious and dashing undertaking, given the associated institutional and fiscal cost complexnesss. Advocates of this proposition argue that a good incorporate regional stock exchange in Africa will be a powerful beginning and driver of capital flows to Africa. Such an exchange will besides, if good structured, work out the current jobs of illiquidity, little size, and atomization.