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Comparison and Contrast Between Love

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First love can happen at any age or not happened at all, but must people have fallen in love for the first time as a teenager or an adult. First love is an exciting new experience that most people remember very well as something naive, impulsive and unforgettable love. However, forever love is one of the strongest emotions that a human being can feel. It can arise ever so intensely, spreading a feeling of warm happiness through every inch of a person body like a wild fire spreading through a tree.

As the feelings become more intense, the flame of passion can turn into a blazing fire that burns strongly through every ventricle of a person’s heart. This love makes one committed to stay in the relationship for the long haul. When it comes to first love and forever love, these two loves are different in regard to communication, unconditional support and emotional support. Forever love requires romantic partners to communicate even when it is hard to come to an agreement. Instead of walking out of the house without talking or going to bed angry, partners stay up late until the differences and problems are reconciled.

For instance, on the Cosby show, Clare and Bill would have disagreements when difference arose. The differences would be how to discipline the children, Bill not eating healthy meals or not listening to one another. Instead of Bill and Clare yelling and pointing the finger at one another, they would communicate without playing the blame game and apologize to one another regardless of who is right. I know one might say they are playing characters on a television show, but one cannot disagree that forever love lays out the foundation of how to compromise and respect one’s life partner.

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Forever love also shows unconditional love and support by showing devotion and understanding of one another. For example, Diane Reeves showed her husband Christopher Reeves unconditional love and support when he was paralyzed. She never viewed him as a patient but as the love of her life. She always supported him through grueling physical therapy sessions and surgery. By her being so extremely devoted, she never deserted him when he was paralyzed or stayed with him out of pity. She truly, madly and deeply loved him regardless of his disability.

My husband, James, is my forever love because he supports me in my goal of pursuing an associate degree in Health Service Management. My forever love does this by telling me how well I am accomplishing my goals by getting good grades in school. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated after a long day of classes and working, he gives me words of encouragement. He tells me that he has faith in me because he knows I will succeed. By doing this, he gives me the support I need to achieve my educational goals. On the other hand, first love relationship disagreements are inevitable.

But how are they handled? Instead of reconciling their difference, conversation are battlegrounds where viewpoints are defended with grim determination and words are weapons instead of tools of communication. In the heat of anger, complaints are expressed in a destructive fashion which causes romantic partners to say, “See you later,” because one is not fully committed to the relationship. For example, my first love, Ernest, and I would argue all the time and never reconciled our differences because we each wanted to be right.

We tried to make the relationship work but we were so naive about love that we ended the relationship because neither one of us was committed enough to make it work. Another difference between first and true love is unconditional love and support. With first love, this type of love is not strong because one is not fully committed to the relationship. For instance, Judy, my friend, and her first love, Jim, were inseparable. Judy and Jim were dating for six months. They would go to the movies, parties, and sports games for fun until a tragedy happened.

Jim was involved in an automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Instead of showing unconditional love and support for her romantic partner, she left him because she could not handle his disability. She was not committed enough to him or their love to support Jim in his time of need. First love is not as strong as forever love because this is a new experience and the partner is not concerned with a long, strong commitment. In conclusion, Love does not long for power; it does not want to be hurt or be punished for mistakes.

It is self-sacrificing because it is ready to forgive partners over and over again. It is wrong to think that love is always suffering; it only means that one takes a person as he or she is and does not expect a romantic partner to be perfect. Forever love is more invested in keeping the relationship intact because one is willing to reconcile his or her differences, and show unconditional love and support but most of all communication. This love makes partners stand by each other side through tragedies and difficulties, whereas first love has little willingness to commit to the relationship.

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