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Comair’s Information System

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Comair is effectively operating in the competitive business environment. The information system of the company mainly focuses on the management of the operations related to the crew scheduling, flight scheduling, passenger booking and maintenance of aircrafts. The company has implemented software systems for the management of the different operations. Earlier, the firm was managing its operations manually. But, for fulfilling the legal requirements of the airlines authorities and becoming competitive in the business environment, it implemented information system software (Comair 2007).

The information system of the corporation is outdated, as per the requirements of the global business environment. The scheduling software used by it, failed during the Ohio valley storm of 2004. The main reason behind the failure of the information system is that the company utilized the threshold limit of the software for making scheduled changes and the system of the company became crashed incurring severe loss for Comair Airlines.

Presently, the information system of the Comair Airlines is outdated and requires implementation of new and innovative technologically equipped software for effective and efficient management of its operations. In the acquisition of the corporation Comair Airlines by Delta, Delta mainly focused on the marketing of the company and not on its IT functioning. (Laudon & Laudon 2007). The outdated system software is affecting the performance of the organization in the market. The IT Executives and Professionals at Comair Airlines are also not well trained for making effective utilization of the system software.

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The ineptness of the information system within the Comair Airlines is due to the lack of decision making capability of the management; it has also not improved its information system with the changes in the market requirements and is going on with its operations on the basis of the old versions of system software. With the assistance of new system software, the company will be able to provide effective services to the customers, maintaining backlog of records and managing its operations efficiently by optimum utilization of available resources (Chew & Gottschalk 2009).

Information Technology Strategy The information technology strategy of the organization mainly focuses on the effective management of the information system. The IT strategy is also concerned with the management of the internal, as well as, external operations of the Comair Airlines. It is based on the optimum utilization of the information system software for the management of the different operations. The IT strategy also includes the different types of agreements, such as license agreement, software support and management agreement, software license agreement, leasing agreement, etc. made by the company for obtaining the services.

It is essential for the management of the company to focus on the strategic implementation of the IT strategy within the organization for making it competitive in the global business environment (Laudon & Laudon 2007). When Comair Airlines was acquired by Delta, the acquiring company considered the marketing operations of the firm intensely and not focused on the development of the IT strategy. Therefore, the firm incurred severe losses within a short p of time.

The information system of the company got failed and became outdated. Presently, the IT strategy is not considering the long term perspective of the company and requires various modifications. Now, it is essential for the management of Comair Airlines to focus on the development of long term IT strategy comprising of the long term objectives to be attained effectively. It will also assists in the attainment of the business goals of the company, as well as, making the business practices quick and customized for differentiating it at the market (Chew & Gottschalk 2009).

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