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College Management

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Depending on the type of report you are required to write, the format may include the following: Title Page Report title, your name, seminar group, course title, module name and 'd, Abstract A concise summary of the whole report. This should Include: the purpose and objectives of the report an outline of the conclusions any recommendations made Contents Page Include the mall sections and page numbers, using the same wording as the mall body of the report. . Introductions lead into the core report sections, including any necessary background information. The main enumeration begins here.

The main discussion of the report: the findings of the Main Text investigation or the facts or opinions under debate. The material should be set out in clear sections with informative headings and sub-headings (usually in bold) to make it easy and interesting to read. Avoid Jargon, clicks, long words and rambling ententes. Conclusion A summary of the report, identifying lessons for the future and any possible recommendations to be made. Do not introduce new material at this point. References A list of references directly referred to in the report. Sources could include books, Journals, periodicals, newspapers, online internet resources etc.

Bibliography A list of background material not actually referred to in the report, but used to widen understanding. These lists should be arranged alphabetically by the author's surname, using the Harvard System. For example: Cottrell, S. (2003) The Study Skills Handbook Hampshire, Palaver Appendices other (unwieldy) material that Is useful for the reader to have, but not essential to the main report. Such material could Include statistical tables, graphs, correspondence etc. Each should be numbered, have a heading and be cross-referenced from text to appendix and from appendix to text.

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College Management essay

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