Heading: Key Skills for College Success: Self-Motivation, Time Management, and Willpower

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The skills that I think are necessary for success in college are being self-motivated, having effective time management and a strong dedication and willpower to want to succeed. The desire to succeed can only come from you. There are people to help you along the way, but you are the only person that can make a change for yourself and for the better. Self-motivation is the number one factor in having a successful college experience. Once you have made a decision to further your education you must realize that there will conflicts throughout.

Conflicts with work or family may arise. If you lack self-motivation, there is a possibility you will lose sight of what your goal is. There must be a balance between school and other obligations. You are responsible for finding that balance to ensure a successful college experience and a happy personal or work life as well. Effective time management is imperative in college. There are many times when tests and papers are due at the same time for each class. It is important to know what lies ahead in each class.

A monthly calendar allows you to note upcoming due dates, midterm and final dates. It is helpful to have a visual so you can plan on a teeth to allow yourself adequate time for each class. Some people may be good at procrastination but when taking multiple classes, I don't think waiting until the last minute is effective. You made a decision to invest time and money to enter college. You have a goal in mind. In order to reach that goal you need a strong dedication and willpower to succeed. There will be bumps along the way.

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Each class will introduce new ideas and responsibilities; when those responsibilities conflict with other responsibilities, I think you need the willpower to push through it. You need the dedication to the lasses and program you enrolled in. Keep the end goal in sight. The skills that I already have are being self-motivated, having effective time management and a strong dedication to being successful in college. I am a lifetime learner. I enjoy attending my classes and what is involved to succeed. Part of what helps me succeed in my classes is being effective with time management.

I have learned how to handle a full time class load, working and having a happy family. My last Job required you to be great at multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is useful when attending college and having a young family. I have learned how to study while my hillier are occupied or napping. I also have my husband's support which is crucial when attending school. In order to write a paper or study for an exam I will either go to the library, my parents' house or at times my husband will take our children somewhere, Just to give me the time I need.

I don't think you could succeed in college and in personal life if you don't have the dedication to school. I want to succeed and do well in college to better the life for my family. I am dedicated in accomplishing my goal and I know I will succeed. I have developed these skills through experience. I graduated from high school in 999 and have been attending college since, taking breaks to start my family. I have an associate degree already but have always wanted to pursue nursing. Since graduating with my associates degree, I have always taken part time classes, while working full time and having a family.

However, I made the decision to enroll full time and complete my degree. I have three young daughters, all less than six years old. I know that to better their lives I must finish schooling. I want them to see that a higher education is something to strive and work toward. I want them to see my self-motivation and my dedication, to only to them but to school. Effective time management is a necessity when raising my children, being a spouse and being a successful student. I have learned to love my calendar. I write everything down.

I have to see lies ahead for my family and for school. One weakness that I have is being committed to too many different things with my children, all while I am trying to finish school. I sign up to help with a lot of their events and organizations. I need to realize that I am only one person and cannot do it all. I need to only sign up for a select number of events and commit myself to those instead off little bit here and there. I also have bad test anxiety. I am hoping that I can alleviate the anxiety I get by allowing myself adequate time to study and prepare for tests.

I also need to have confidence in myself to know that I will succeed on the test. I try to go into each test with a positive attitude. I will be taking the TEAS test on 11/16/12. I have heard so much negativity towards the test from peers that I try to distance myself from the negativity. I know that going into the test Friday that I have done all I was able to do and look forward to seeing my results. I have chosen a nursing career. The same skills listed for a college experience are also needed for a successful nursing career.

In addition to these, strong interpersonal skills and critical thinking skills are needed. I have worked in the health care field for over 10 years, so I have seen first hand what skills are needed and already have knowledge of medical terminology and Anatomy and Physiology. This is only my first semester at Bryant & Stratton. I still need to pass my TEAS and am looking forward to being accepted in the nursing program. I would like to improve upon my confidence. As a nurse you don't have time to second guess yourself. I need to realize that I know the answer and stick to it.

I also need to stop being afraid of failure. I need to set little goals and as those are accomplished, celebrate them. This will make my long term goal seem not so far out of reach. I previously stated that I like to avoid negativity. I do not want to be surrounded by negative people or situations. This only brings my confidence down. I also want to remain an active learner. Whether this means taking continuing education courses or reading a health Journal related to my field; I know that this will increase my confidence because I will be full of knowledge.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that the decision to enter college is a life changing decision. Dedication, time management, and the desire to succeed and take responsibility for what needs to be are commitments that must be made upon making the decision to enroll in college. The approach I took when writing this paper is following the outline given and responding to each question. The outline style was effective for this paper since a list of skills were required. I did not forget to expand on any skill since I had it in the outline format.

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