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Class Prophecy Essay

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Everyone has a dream he wants to pursue and achieve. As they say, there is nothing wrong to dream and aim high especially for the children like us who have the courage to overcome trials and obstacles to reach the star that we’ve been dreaming to get someday. But if you were to write your own prophecy of the future, what would it be? Would it be a once-upon-a-time story? Or a happy-ever-after one? For the six years that we have been together, we have shared our dreams and ambitions with one another. Some want to be a superior pilot while many of us dream of being a professional journalist.

Now that we are about to graduate, we have reached the climax of achieving our goals in life. Here is my prophecy of the future and how the Galileans value their dreams with our future diverged in a yellow wood. “Congratulations! ” The professor happily told me when I graduated in college. But something bothered me for a while. What have happened to my elementary classmates now that we graduated in College? I wondered. To achieve my dream of being a professional journalist, I went to Los Angeles to learn more and to know more. I worked hard and studied hard in journalism.

At last, I did it!! I am now a highly-qualified journalist and known all over the world. I pursue my career in New York where I worked in a famous publication as a news writer and wrote editorials about the latest issues. I earned a lot and made my own novel known as “The Forsaken Love” featuring the love story of my past friends. It was a hit and was liked by many people so there came another opportunity. So I made a new novel featuring my own story. I was famously known all over the world so someone called me on the phone and invited me to a talk show.

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I can’t believe it, the host was Diane, my childhood classmate and friend. We talked about our lives. I said, “Hey, how are you? ”. Then she answered ,”Oh, I’m fine. I also write novels and stories about friendship”. I was so proud of her that she achieved her dream of being a famous journalist and a well-known author. Suddenly, an unexpected text message came into our sight. We read the message on the phone and stated,” Dear Grade School classmates (Galileans) batch 2011-2012, you are all invited to our reunion that will be held at Pin’s Hotel, 8 pm.

Hope you can come. See you!! ”. Diane said,” Hey, I’ll go! ”. Then I said,” Me too. I wonder how they’re doing right now and besides I miss them already”. She told me,” Ok see you tomorrow at 8. ” Then the awaited day came, I arrived there just on time. I cannot believe it, almost everything had changed. Jego who was so small looked so matured and became a skilled pilot. I was looking for Glaysa and there she arrived with her purple dress and believe it or not, she was a certified teacher of Cambridge University.

I talked with her for a moment and saw Carina gracefully walked on the carpet. We were glad that she is now a highly-qualified doctor for discovering medicines to cure serious diseases such as cancer without suffering from any chemotherapies. And there came Angela with her head high for being an outstanding scientist who first invented an Earthquake Detector successfully in her generation. The ever stylish Yannina came to the place with her nice outfit became a famous fashion designer and didn’t expect cooking to be her profession in Paris, the home of the best chefs in the world.

Then a group came in. The boys namely Dave, Lauren, Sean and Earl along with the good ‘ol singer Alyssa,were there carrying their guitars and drums. I never thought that they will make their own band. But their childhood fantasy happened in reality. They have made their own band known in the Philippines as the “Band Aid”. Many of us arrived including Marymil who became a talented essayist and Mona who turned out to be a good theatre actress together with her best friend, Rachel.

There also came James who in grade school was the best artist became a very talented painter all over the globe. Nicole and Chubie became hip-hop dancers in the United States and Joeana excelled being a professional dance instructor and she taught many famous actors in the showbiz industry how to dance. Fatima who dreamed of being a singer has released her album and were bought by many people. All of us were there, enjoying and living the time. Band Aid played performed many songs and became the star of the night.

They rocked the party while we were having fun. All that we could do that night id to reminisce the moments and memories we’ve had together while our grade school pictures were flashed in the screen. I was happy that all of us have reached the star that we’ve been dreaming to get. I hope that this prophecy of mine would come true someday. Whenever you face many trials and obstacles, never give up even though how hard it s, it is just the challenge for you to be a better person. So live life and remember, you are the ruler of your destiny.

Class Prophecy Essay essay

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