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Prophecy of the sisters

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Alice and Lila were always close, but after her father's death Alice seemed strange and distant, sneaking around the ameliorate manner. It Is soon realized the two have become enemies due to the prophecy, one good and one evil. The setting and world of the book seemed very realistic and interesting to me, the way the author incorporated literary themes into the unrealistic areas of the book made it hard to put down! The twin sisters are not your typically good versus bad twin, "only time will tell who is the guardian and who is the gate" (98) which gives it a retain mystery element that gets you captured.

You get sucked into this world where what you think you know, Is not what you really know. Is Alice the good twin or Is Lila? While the two are battling to either close the Gate forever or release the beast and all the lost souls from other traveling worlds you you get a taste of good versus evil and you find yourself despising Alice and rooting for Lila, who has "never denied her sister to be careless, self centered, even spiteful, but it never occurred to her before the prophecy that she might actually be cruel. 132) As they discover their true roles in the prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other, Lila has a choice to make, save herself or save everyone around her that she loves. As she races to end the prophecy before her sister does the anticipation only builds, despite the unrealistic ideals of the book. I feel that because the book started in a "normal" or realistic setting and led up to the untangling of the mysterious prophecy it was easier to believe and I often felt I was deciphering the prophecy along with Lila, this kept my interest throughout the whole book. Some real world Ideas that popped out to me while reading the book were how everybody treats you Like your fragile or different after the death of a loved one, especially a parent. (I know about this first hand). Everyone feels as if they owe you an apology, so when Lila and Alice go back to Housewife everyone at school "avoids eye contact and whispers what could only be about them" (46) until Mrs... Gray speaks for everyone when she tells the girls that she is sorry for their loss.

I also noticed how they didn't get in as much trouble as their friends, Impartially Louisa, an Italian orphan who was taken In by another teacher, even though they all left school together. Alice and La got off easier because their father was one of Housewife's biggest beneficiary's. Mrs... Gray did not want them to know this so she tried to cover it up by saying "her pity for their recent loss was the only thing that kept them from getting a report sent to their aunt Virginia" (56) but the girls knew better.

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I feel this portrays class differences and the different treatment wealthier people get, or how if you're somebody who has money you often get off easier or get a lesser punishment. All were the ones that stuck out to me the most. 3. This is personally my favorite genre to read, when I'm upset or stressed I can Just emerge myself in a great science fiction book such as The Prophecy of the Sisters and forget about the world around me for awhile.

It is often hard for me to focus in on a book unless it really catches my interest, and I find myself fascinated with science fiction novels about mythology and the fantasy world. I have read many books much like this one, that I actually read a couple years ago and it became one of my personal favorites because many of the elements in it (souls, legends, the dead still being all around us, physics, etc. ) I actually believe in.

I forgot the details of the book and I loved it so much the first time I read it I had to reread it again because I thought it would be perfect for this assignment and I will definitely be reading the next three books of the series as soon as possible. I love the way it starts out as a "normal" book but once an old legend (prophecy) is discovered you feel like you're unfolding the mystery and learning the prophecy for yourself as if you are Lila, protecting your family and saving the world room destruction by the lost souls and "the seven deadly plagues of no return, death, famine, blood, fire, darkness, drought, and ruin. (36) I think focusing more on books of this genre in school would be more beneficial to students and teachers instead of the boring classical novels we're forced to read. If teachers assigned students books they WANT to read, instead of ones they had to, they would get more involved and more students would actually read the books. This would result in overall better test grades which makes teachers and students happy.

Prophecy of the sisters essay

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