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Changes in Land Use Pattern

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Urbanization becomes an essential part for any country with the development of civilization. Like other country of the world, urbanization also spread out all over Bangladesh. As a part of this every Upazila have municipality in Bangladesh. Proper development is precondition for proper urbanization and land use is directly related with the development. Human being mostly depended on land which is used as a settlement, agricultural land, road, and infrastructure. All these are man made but some are used by natural process.

With the development of civilization natural land use changed by man made process because of increasing population, technology and development of civilization. Development through proper planning is an important technique in present world for urbanization of an area. Madaripur mouza is very close to the Madaripur paurasava. It is the most developed place of the upazila. The rural characteristics of the mouza transformed to the urban characteristics day by day. So urban- rural land uses in the mouza, make mixed and diversified characteristics. We select Madaripur mouza as a representative of this type of land to show the changes in land use.

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Changes in Land Use Pattern

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Land use changes are very rapid in residential and commercial sector among various land use changes. The rate of these changes is very rapid because of expansion of roads network. Non agricultural economic activities also added new term in these changes. Agricultural land is decreasing day by day. Because of increases various urban facilities, value of land increases 100% after 1995 (focus group meeting). Because of urbanization, various changes occurred in occupation in total area. Part time farmer increases and full time farmer decreases and more people involved in service activities.

People migrate into this area from other upazila and surrounding area because of more facility. The influences of urbanization also fall into the social life of the area. For increases the population in the mouza, infrastructure also increasing in the area without planning. To solve this problem it is important to know the nature of problem. Because in which sector, what type and how many planning will be needed is depend on it. Present report is based on this practical knowledge. Pattern of land use change is most important for planning of an increasing urban area

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