M&A Case Studies

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M&A Case Studies

Case study research helps to improve business processes relatively quickly and at the lowest cost. It allows you to understand how leading companies work and achieve the same or greater results. The value of this method is not only that there is no need to invent innovation. By carefully studying the achievements and mistakes of other crews, you can develop your own maximally effective business model.

Goals and Objectives

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The exchange of experience, as well as the case study analysis of others' developments, has always been profitable. But it is not possible to say that this happens in 100% of cases. Some organizations are so far apart in various parameters that it can be only the cons and disadvantages of the business case study. In this regard, the need for this step should be justified. The crew's strategic goals should coincide with the need for such a study. This is a full-fledged business management tool, as its goal is to improve the system and increase the company's competitiveness in the long term. This goal is achieved through the resolution of specific issues. In the process of comparing business schemes of different crews, two main tasks are solved:

  • Calculation of the indicators of their own enterprise and comparing them with the selected benchmark.
  • Analysis of other people's experience and its implementation in their crew.

Case Study - Iridium

Time Warner Case Study

A Case Study of Unilever and P&G

Case study: Blockbuster

Main Functions

There are main functions of Harvard case studies.

  • To give a presentation to management on the current state of affairs in the company, to overcome stagnation in the management sector;
  • To strive for improvement;
  • In time to find out that the organization is lagging behind in a certain area;
  • To identify the crew's resources and identify weaknesses that need to be improved;
  • To put before the company difficult to achieve, but realistic tasks;
  • To identify priorities in optimizing work;
  • To determine the level of the crew in comparison with the best in the world;
  • To calculate the degree of backlog of the firm;
  • To identify the best management systems and incorporate them into the work;
  • To prepare an action plan for adjusting activities;
  • To connect the long-term development plan with the company's efforts in self-improvement;
  • To find previously unused technology or management techniques;
  • To concentrate attention on those factors that bring undoubted benefits to the enterprise;
  • To achieve large-scale improvements in the work of the organization, a "breakthrough";
  • With the help of someone else's experience, to save the company from the "necessity" to learn from their own mistakes;
  • To create the principle of continuous improvement in the organization;
  • To reduce the financial costs of improving the work of the company;
  • To reduce risks when introducing new methods;
  • To raise the main financial indicators.

Case Study: FedEx Co

Case Study of Lincoln Electric Company

KONE Case Study

Colgate Case Study

Case Study Desperate Air

Objects of Research

  • Products and services. The analysis is subjected to the activities of a competing firm, the moments through which its business is more successful than yours stand out. After that it becomes clear what needs to be done to increase the productivity of the native company.
  • The study of business processes is the most effective part of the research. In order to maintain competitiveness in the market, the company should be engaged in the development of the business as a whole, constantly investing in it various kinds of resources and controlling all operations. The capabilities of a particular organization can be "calculated" by its business processes. This type of analysis is particularly important in a situation where two enterprises compete directly with each other, offering the same products to the consumer. An organization that has managed to increase competitiveness as efficiently as possible at the lowest cost will be the winner.
  • No business can function properly without a strategy. You can improve the performance of your company by analyzing in the most careful way the strategy and organization of the work of the competitor. To obtain exhaustive information in this case is not so easy. Often, such data is a carefully guarded secret of the company. When studying strategy, it is necessary to use logic, and only then the research will bear fruit.
  • Due to the research of the personnel it is possible to compare the activity of own HR-services with the same amid the leading crews of the world by several indicators. Having received the results of the analysis, the company's management will be able to manage personnel.


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