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Canadian Culture vs US

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We are a nation of immigrants who celebrate everybody cultural background. Canadians are extremely conscious of our culture considering our close proximity to the United States. We are unduly aware that we are not American and constantly compare ourselves to America. Canadians forever talk about our similarities and differences socially, economically, politically and religiously. One of the things that Canada is most proud of Is that we consider ourselves to be a cultural mosaic which means that we allow various cultures to coincide and flourish in our communities.

We value harmony, equality, freedom, and respect. Our population is not big enough to sustain our economy, so we are much more open to economic Immigration. Economically, we have much higher taxes providing us with a more socialized system. This allows free health care and decent education systems for all Canadian citizens. Due to this system, we do not have the same amount of money to spend on "stuff', which makes us a less materialistic population. We have less disposable income and less disparity between the rich and poor.

In regards to religion, we do not have a dominant religion and accept all religions across the globe. Americas, on the other hand, identify themselves as mainly Christian. According too Pew Research Religion and Public Life survey taken in 2007, 78. 4% of Americans identified themselves as Christian, where as Canadians have an ever-changing religious composition. Politically, we have a parliamentary system of government which is more unified and group-oriented; we elect a party, not a person.

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Like the LISA, our government Is a mockery which means the people choose their own government and majority rules but In a parliamentary system, a minority government must find consensus with the other parties or the government will fall. Canada's values are built on acceptance, tolerance, and harmony. We are patriotic, but in the way that we accept people world-wide and celebrate the combination of Canadian and other cultures intertwining. I am proud to be a Canadian citizen and feel privileged to have grown up in a city as diverse, inclusive, and nondiscriminatory as Toronto.

Being exposed to people with arioso religious beliefs, racial backgrounds, and birthplaces shaped me into an accepting and globally aware citizen. One of my favorite things about Toronto is the fact that we celebrate cultural, social and ethnic acceptance year-round. For example, this summer I went to multiple festivals that celebrated Turnoffs diversity. We hosted World Pride 2014, which celebrated the LIGHT community, Fusion of Taste festival which honored diverse cultural food, Franco-fete which celebrated Torso's French speaking community, Chinatown festival which showcased Chinese culture,

Busters which lauded artistic performances from around the world. Toronto is frequently commended for being one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There are over 140 languages spoken, half of our population was born outside of Canada, and almost fifty percent of the population define themselves as a visible minority. Toronto is a true cultural mosaic and due to this fact Transitions are open-minded, accepting, tolerant, and polite. I am grateful to have been raised in a city that is proud to integrate and pay tribute to various cultural backgrounds.

Canadian Culture vs US essay

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