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After viewing Broadcasting international's advertisement for 'Typhoo Tea' the team at Phantom Menace advertising have analysed it thoroughly. We enclose some suggestions for improvement, which we hope, will increase the sales of your product. The advert: At present your advert consists of 24 different camera shots based at a variety of different angles, however at least 6 of these shots are the same the only difference between them is the distance in which they are shot.

Narrative: The narrative of the advert tells the story of the advert. The story of this advert is that if you drink Typhoo Tea you will be refreshed, happy and full of energy. At present this comes across very clearly in the advert, you have old ladies dancing and workmen not complaining about their work, but we feel we could make this known a bit more in the advert. The music: Throughout the advert the disco classic of 1983 'fresh' by kool and the gang is played. The music is very appropriate for this advert and helps the company emphasise that Typhoo Tea is fresh. It clearly tells you through the music and rhythm that Typhoo Tea is designed to refresh you.

The colour scheme: The red and green colour scheme is predominant throughout the advert. The colour scheme originating from the logo. The green representing the colour of the tea leaves and the red representing China where the tea grows. Our eyes are trained to pick out the green and red colour scheme in the advert and the constant reminder of the colours helps the customer to memorise the colours to look out for in the supermarket when buying the product.

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The shots: We see various shots of people queuing or waiting for public transport at airports and bus stations as well as factories and workplaces. At present this seems to suggest that Typhoo Tea is only aimed at working people and that it is not for the unemployed or professionals. At the moment the advert gives of an impression that it is only designed for people over the age of 25 and not for youngsters and school leavers. By doing this, your company is missing out on a huge advertising opportunity. Young people get the feeling that the tea is not designed or made for them and therefore think that it's best not to drink it.

The advert is very busy and is full of timing and movement. It stands out from all the other competing Tea advertisements with its catchy music and bright colour scheme. It is a very happy, smiley, active advertisement Showing people full of energy, with a will to live thanks to having drunk Typhoo Tea. Improvements: We feel as an advertising agency, our company could improve upon the advert made for you by the people at Broadcasting International. We feel as a team we can improve your advert and increase your sales of your product for a reasonable price. In fact we guarantee we will match the price of any other 5 star advertising agency providing of course you have evidence of this. We enclose a detailed story broad of your present advert and some improvements we have come up with.

The advert:

We feel as a company at Phantom Menace advertising we can improve your advert considerably by cutting out some of the repetitive shots. At present it seems that Broadcasting international have cheated on you by charging you for repetitive shots within your advert. We will improve upon this by cutting out some of these shots and replacing them with new more appropriate shots for a small charge.

We feel here at Phantom Menace advertising that it you repeat a shot to many times it discourages the consumer of buying the product. They get so bored of the repetitive shots that they get fed up of supporting the company. As part of the package of improving your advert we will produce you a second shorter advert for no additional charge consisting of only a few of your best shots. This offers a change for the audience of your advert and can be used as a reminder of your product in between showing the larger, fuller advert.

Narrative: We feel the Narrative of your advert is good but we can still see room for improvement. We plan on changing the Narrative slightly so that the advertisement appears to cater for school leavers, sick and unemployed people. We feel we could do some of this by creating scenes from the imagination. For instance we could have a sick woman on crutches hobbling along at a hospital. She has a sip of Typhoo tea and suddenly she's full of life. She throws down her crutches and starts dancing to the music.

We could have shots of bored looking children in a canteen sitting down with cups of tea, waiting to go home. Then they could take a sip of tea and then get up and start dancing. What we are suggesting is that you show people how they where before they drunk the tea instead of just the after effects of this tea. This emphasises how the tea changes you and the way you act and look at things. The music: We feel the music is retro, fun, catchy and in. It is appropriate for the advert and advertises Typhoo's trademark, which is the fact that their Tea is fresh. The music is catchy and in our opinion is the whole outlay to the advert, it is what ties the advert together, without this music, the advert would mean nothing to any body or any thing.

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