Business Strategy Executive Summary EZ-Pleeze (SWOT analysis)

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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The purpose of this Executive Summary is to summarize the strategic plan, the SWOT analysis, and the strategic recommendations for EZ-Pleeze.

Current State:

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The current state of EZ-Pleeze is that the company needs a new strategic plan for the next three years since the CEO is stepping down and the goal is to become one of the top three producers of chicken and beef. The organizational structure has a hierarchical and market culture. The company’s culture is defined by employee inclusion and development. Leading technology and innovation in the chicken and beef industry is also embedded in company culture. Due to large investments in research and development, EZ-Pleeze has been able to develop ways to lower genetically modified organisms in their products and prevent salmonella. However, these large investments have constrained finances, making it difficult to expand globally as it desires.

The standing mission statement is appropriate. It encompasses most of what a well-developed mission statement is. It identifies the types of products and services they produce. The statement is very simple and straightforward.
The vision statement is vague and is deprived of a description that entails what the company aspires to be ideally. In addition, the statement does not embody the values and mind of the company’s employees. It needs to stand out from other company’s vision statements.

SWOT Analysis:

The SWOT analysis pinpoints areas internally and externally that influence the company. For example, it identifies:

  • Strength: Good customer service
  • Weakness: Financial instability
  • Opportunity: Competitor closing
  • Threat: Negative Publicity

This information aids in guiding how and where to use company resources to achieve daily operations, overall vision and goals.

Strategic Recommendations:

Based on the SWOT Analysis, three strategic recommendations have been made. The recommendations include an implementation plan, resources needed and rationale to support its execution. The three strategic recommendations for EZ-Pleeze: to become expanded globally, to use what technology must gain the beef competitors that are closing and lastly create healthy chicken products for consumers. The timeline is to be globally expanded by April 1, 2019 and the benefit of this would be having a bigger customer base and bringing in more revenue.

The second recommendation of being able to gain the beef competition is to be in place by the end of month and this will benefit EZ- Pleeze by gaining the trust of more customers in Beef and the will be able to compete more against their competitors to help them grow. Last Recommendation is to work on making healthier chicken products and the timeline for this is from December 10, 2018 to March 1, 2019.

The benefit of EZ- Pleeze doing this is giving the customers more of what they want, and this will provide excellent customer satisfaction. It shows that EZ- Pleeze cares for its customers and wants to be able to reach out to everyone. To make all three of these recommendations happen the resources of having Senior Executives, team members, R& D, marketing and sales team are going to stay on top of it and work hard every day to make this happen.

EZ-Pleeze has been struggling financially since they made a large technology purchase and spent a lot of money on advertising. This didn’t help with the fact that they had to lower their prices to remain competitive in the industry.

EZ-Pleeze has slowly been recovering. The strategic business plan that I introduced will help EZ-Pleeze to not only recover at a faster pace but to also meet their vision statement goal of becoming one of the top three chicken and beef producers

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