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The Japanese automobile company's second most successful car manufacturer was Nissan, after Toyota (market leader), but dropped to third after Honda. Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited is the largest car manufacturing plant in the UK; having manufactured over 2 million cars since 1986 of which 1.4 million have been exported to 58 markets around the world. It is located on the 750-acre site just outside Sunderland. Nissan Is a massive company, well known around the world due to its achieved aims to expand overseas.

Introduction to South African Shop 'Kruger' Kruger is specialist retail all over the U.K. providing South African products via the internet or alternatively customers can visit their stores. Kruger started in 1997. In 2000 they joined another company, SAJE International Ltd. Who supported their business by advertising, creating a website. They developed their company by providing a professional delivery service on their website

Kruger started off with two people who were asked by South African retailers in the U.K. to find a way of importing food from South Africa. General Theory on Aims An aim is a target that people work towards that result in the company developing. Businesses can have more than one aim that it's working towards. Businesses aims should be appropriate to the size of the business. It would be inappropriate for a small business earning 50,000 per year to rival the profits with a company earning millions more such as Nissan. An example of an aim for a large business could be to expand overseas.

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General Theory on Objectives Objectives are small steps businesses take to reach an aim. There are normally more than 1 or 2 objectives to reach an aim. Objectives take much shorter time than an aim does. An example of an objective for a large business could be to provide high quality goods which could help it on its way to achieving an aim to have a popular business with a god reputation.

Nissan's Aims and Objectives Aim: To have a respected, familiar business and brand. They achieve this aim by their Objective: To satisfy customers by making a good, lasting product. Another Aim is: To make continuous profits, they achieve this by the Objective: To provide reliable products that self propels further profits. A second Objective would be: To spend little money on high valued materials, equipment and parts, by eliminating equipment that is not used Nissan will save money. By using as little as possible of their workers' time they will gain their employers happiness and willingness to work.

Another Aim is: To become market leader Objective 1: To produce and sell more cars (through their dealers) than its rivals e.g. Toyota or Ford Objective 2: To use high quality car parts and make the car Another Aim: for Nissan is to be environmentally friendly they aim to do this because of the threats of global warming Objective: by applying for planning permission to build a wind farm in Sunderland, outside their large plants, they can cut carbon emissions by more than 10,000 tons per year, thus achieving their aim.

Kruger's Aims and objectives First aim: Their first aim was to find a way of importing high quality consumer products from Southern Africa at low profits. This was a good aim because by buying the products directly off primary producers and by spending little on importation the can sell their products at a low price still making a profit. So finding a way of importing was its first objective and buying cheep good quality goods was their second.

Their aims once their business was set up, and they began making money, was to firstly survive as a business. To survive they would need to make a profit to be able to support their employers and keep stock coming in.Nissan buys car parts (produced raw goods) and produces some of its own car parts and sell other car parts such as breaks, windscreen wipers ect. Through their dealers, which can be purchased by clients Nissan make cars (Manufactures goods). They provide a service by fixing and replacing car parts as part of their included service.

Kruger's Activities Kruger sells goods and provides a delivery service via its website. Recently Kruger raised the prices of all its customer products for example lollypops that use to be 10p is now 30p. They did this because as their business becomes more successful they can increase the price slightly, without loosing customers, therefore making a larger profit for themselves. How Nissan's aims are achieved through its business activities Nissan's aims are achieved through its business activities by manufacturing high quality goods (cars) they can achieve their aims to make a continuous profit.

Nissan Activities such as reliable services can draw in more customers as can sales and discounts. How Kruger's aims are achieved through its business activities One of Kruger's most important aims is to expand their business making it better known. They can do this by selling enough of their product to make a profit that will enable them to join more companies and become more advertised and recognised.

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