Business Plan: Paper Recycle & Reuse

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Business Plan: Paper Recycle & Reuse 1. Introduction a. The name of my business is “All Papers”. b. The business is about recycle and reuse paper 2. Business Description a. The company will collect the second hand paper, cardboard box and textbooks then turns into pencil, gift box and white papers. b. Paper is one of the most common daily use, recycle paper will have a low cost to get the processed materials and low risk. c. The main goal for this business is to reduce the paper waste, and protect trees.

3. Sale and Marketing a. Students in school, and young group of people is our target market. . We will sell the recycle pencils, gift boxes and clean A4 papers in every stationary store like Staples gift shops and school shops. 4. Conclusion and Summary a. The most important aspects for this plan is “Recycle”, the technics to recycle the products are the key point for this business, as Szaky said, “We’re on the edge of bankruptcy and of being a huge success at the same time” so the procedure for recycle can not cause any kind of pollution, if we recycle papers, and we create pollutions, no one will no longer trust us that we are an environmentally friendly company.

However Furthermore, all the products are using the recycle materiel, so the price in the stationary store will have more competitive power compare with other new product. Thus, I believe this investment will win in the market competition. www. starkstate. edu

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