Chrysler Organizational Technology Plan Paper

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The Chrysler Corporation was founded in 1925 by Mr. Walter P. Chrysler. The company expanded in 1928 by buying Dodge and simultaneously creating two new divisions namely, DeSoto and Plymouth. In the year 1987 Chrysler acquired the American Motors Corporation and its renowned brand Jeep. Later, in 1998 the company merged with Daimler-Benz Corporation and became DaimlerChrysler Motors Company LLC until 2007 (Chrysler Company History ). The American equity firm Cerberus acquired an 80.1% stake of the Chrysler LLC in 2007 thus leaving only 19.9% to Daimler AG.

Chrysler has been an epitome of innovation in the past. It was the first company to introduce four wheel hydraulic brakes in 1924 and rubber engine mounts in 1926. It has also taken a very scientific approach to designing cars by keeping in mind the effects of aerodynamics on automobile performance.

Chrysler has different brands that cater to the needs of different people across the world. It has distinct brands for different purposes, for passenger cars and minivans the corporation manufactures Chrysler and Dodge, for trucks and commercial vehicles they manufacture RAM while for SUV’s they manufacture Jeep. Thus, they have a distinct brand for virtually all driving vehicles categories.

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Although the company houses so many different brands it suffered during the current financial meltdown and was unable to keep the sales going at a reasonable level. Hence, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2009 and planned to get into a partnership with Italian automobile makers Fiat. The plan proposed that Fiat will initially hold a 20% stake while it can later go up to as much as 51% provided that it could meet up with the financial and development goals of the company.

Chrysler has added a number of unique technological features in its cars recently. These features are aimed at improving the driving experience as well as making the cars more fuel efficient.

Latest technologies for Chrysler LLC in 2009 include an in-vehicle wireless internet connectivity system which uses EVDO and 1xRTT system. The system also provides connectivity to multiple users in the car through Ethernet as well as wireless. The dual connectivity system allows passenger to be connected to the internet no matter where they go.

Chrysler has introduced iDFSO (Interactive Decel Fuel Shut Off) which is software that detects the motion of the car while it is decelerating and cuts the fuel supply to the engine to save on the gas consumption. This system will be added to almost all the upcoming models of the cars in 2009 and 2010.

Chrysler has improvised its engine technology and will be developing a more powerful and fuel efficient version of its renowned Hemi engine. This technology is aimed at improving the fuel economy and delivering an improvement of more than 40%.

There’s a technology called blind spot monitoring which Chrysler has introduced. This aims to aid the driver while switching lanes or if he is being passed by unseen vehicles. The system uses ultra-wideband radar sensors for detection and the driver is notified through icons on side mirrors and audio alerts.

Another interesting technology is Rear Cross Path. RCP seeks to assist drivers while they are moving their cars out of a parking lot and there is heavy traffic behind them. The system warns the driver reversing the car about the presence of other drivers in the lane. The warning is shown through icon and an alert through a chime.

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