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Pat's Engineering Works is a small company that specializes in complex engineering consulting projects. The company is moving into new offices and want you to design their network. They have a staff of eight engineers (which is expected to grow to 12 over the next five years), plus another eight management and clerical employees who also need network connections, but whose needs are less intense. Design the network. Be sure to include a diagram.

Hospitality Hotel is a luxury hotel that whose guests are mostly business travelers. To improve its quality of service, it has decided to install network connections in each of its 600 guest rooms and 12 conference meeting rooms. Your task is to design the network for the public network and decide how to connect the two networks together. Be sure to include a diagram. ANSWER 2 SQ McGregor McGregor is large manufacturing firm that operates 5 factories in Dallas, 4 factories in Los Angles, and 5 factories in Albany, New York.

It operates a tightly connected order management system that coordinates orders, raw materials, and inventory across all 14 factories. What type of a WAN architecture and WAN service would you recommend? ANSWER 3 SQ Cookies Are Us Cookies are Us runs a series of 100 cookie stores across the Midwestern U. S. And central Canada. At ten Ana AT can clay, ten stores express mall a Olsten or two AT sales and inventory data to headquarters, which uses the data to ship new inventory and plan marketing campaigns. They have decided to move too WAN. What type of a WAN architecture and WAN service would you recommend? ANSWER 4

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