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Bullying and Peer Pressure

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bullying About a week ago I was assigned a film project on bullying and peer pressure. What my group did was a recreation of the breakfast club. Although I’ve never seen the movie I was very excited to start. The project really did help me learn the harmful effects of bullying and peer pressure. One part that showed me about bullying is when one of the main characters, Sophia, confesses to the group that she told everyone about a girl’s crush through Instagram. That scene made me reflect on how cyber bulling can really hurt a person.

A part that showed me about peer pressure is when the character, Marcus, convinces the kids to eat illegal candy. This project was not only a fun experience but was also a way for me to better understand the effects that bullying can have on a person. Bullying is a serious offense affecting many kids. Bullying is the use of force to abuse or intimidate someone. There are three basic types of bullying: emotional, verbal, and physical. Eventually the person who is being bullied gets a low self-esteem and might commit suicide. 1 out of 10 kids drop out of school because of bullying.

Some ways to stop bullying are: build healthy relationships, educate yourself, intervene, refuse to join in, and offer support. Peer pressure is when a group wants you to change something about your attitude, values, or they want you to do something. Its mostly common in youth. Peer pressure has negative effects when you are pressured into doing something your not supposed to do, but also has positive effects when you are pressured to do excellent on a test. Popular adolescents are more strongly associated with drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

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