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How Insecurity, Peer Pressure, and Ignorance Contribute to Discrimination

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Why do some people get discriminated against because of their race, background or sexual orientation? Even though it's a human right that every human should be able to live in freedom from discrimination and get treated the same way as everyone else, people still get discriminated and harassed because of their race, background, gender or sexual orientation in the world today.

A lot of people discriminate out of fear and insecurity. Some people may subconsciously be insecure and feel the need to tear other people down to raise themselves. When people are insecure, they either back away or attack. Discrimination can be a tool people use to attack others to feel better about themselves.

Some people discriminate out of ignorance. Often when people do not know something, they can start feeling uncomfortable, anxious or nervous. Discrimination is caused by what we think and see, but usually when people do not know something how they see things can be incorrect. If they get upset and angry because they misunderstood someone else, they can develop a discriminatory mindset. Instead of just creating their theory about what other people do and think, they should ask them.

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Peer pressure can also cause people to discriminate. If parents have a discriminatory opinion and they tell their kids that it is the right way to see things and they cannot think other ways their kids will most likely also think the same way and when those kids then go to school they will tell the other kids that it is the only right way to see things. Then they will discriminate against other people who don't fit into the way they think.

People discriminate for a lot of reasons, but it is not good to put other people down out of any of these reasons. When people are saying hurtful things and telling other people they are wrong, they might believe it and become insecure. Since insecurity is one of the reasons why people discriminate they might start discriminating to and then it just goes around in an evil circle.

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