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Brain Development Essay

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National Institute of Health. " I didn't even know that I thought once you were 18 the brain was fully developed but not till age 25. Teens have extra synapses in the areas of where he decision making and risk assessment take place,". An early example of an undeveloped brain in action is, well, think of how many teen accidents this world has and that's because of those extra synapses. Laura Capacious, a nurse at Yale University Hospital said "that her department has a lot of teenagers during. In 2008 there was a study showing how many teens are involved in car accidents. In Michigan, there are at least 177 teens that are involved In ar accidents per year. There are some easy ways to stay out trouble and that is to Just say "No". If you and your teen friends decide to go joy riding don't tag along, Just say "No". Who knows it could be a life or death situation. I prefer life and all you have to say is "No". If you ever do get Involved In this don't blame yourself, If anything it's your brain's fault for not being fully developed. It's still in the early stage for development. The brain sure is a magnificent motor for all of our functions.

Did you know when o'er born and during brain development the brain works its way from the back to the front (A Parents Guide to A Teen Brain)? In the back of the brain, that more holds your physical actions and emotions. "In the front or prenatal cortex as Its scientifically named is you're conscious" it's the part of the brain that makes your judgment call. Do you see now how your brain isn't fully developed until at least age 25 as proven by science? Now I hope my research has helped you in knowing about brain development. It was definitely an interesting topic to research. Remember, Just because your brain isn't fully developed doesn't mean you're not making a good decision. I mean there Is always that slip up from time to time. Just remember to say "No". If you think about It, teens, your brain is close to being developed, like 10 more years once you hit your teenage.


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