The Brain Development and Violence

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I will try to show how these factors can have an influence on the brain and might lead to violent behavior, they are: head injuries, malnutrition, and exposure to chemicals or poison at a young age. What do serial killers, Leonard Lake, David Borrowers, Kenneth Blanch, John Wayne Gay, and Carl Panorama, all have in common? They all suffered childhood head trauma, In fact 70% of serial killers received extensive head injuries as children or adolescents (Freeman, 1998).

Scientists believe that brain damage to the frontal lobe causes lack of self- control, planning, Judgment, and make it impossible to develop stable and social relationships. There has also been debate that serial killers are deficient in the limbic system In the brain. The limbic system controls humans emotions and motivation. Some scientists have suggested that If the limbic system Is missing, It could cause uncontrollable anger and aggression. Damage to the limbic brain, hypothalamus or temporal lobe may cause bouts of spontaneous aggression.

These areas are involved with hormones, aggression, emotion and motivation; injuries to them may also result in seizures and forms of amnesia. When the frontal cortex is damaged in a Traumatic brain injury a person's capacity to control aggressive behavior is often reduced or taken away completely. If a child suffers a severe TAB they may never develop an ability to understand and control their behaviors, even an adult who has understand the difference between good behavior and bad may lose this after a TAB.

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Along with the cortex there is a chance that the magical might be damaged because of a TAB. The magical is located between the emotional center of the brain and the cerebral cortex, and if damaged it can cause a loss of inhibitions towards dangerous activities including violence and aggression. We all understand how being hungry can make us feel cranky, but does nutrition have any effect on the ability to control behaviors? According to Derrick Allendale, MD "high calorie malnutrition contributes to crime and violence".

In his study "Crime and Violence: A Hypothetical Explanation of Its Relationship With High Calorie Malnutrition," it is stated that High calorie malnutrition can create "irritable brainstem". This "irritable brainstem" can increase response and in the worst scenario create temporary Insanity and take over the complete behavior of the individual. Orphan, 2002) He also addresses the fact that not only the lack of lead to an imbalance in the brain which results in aggressive and violent activities that may follow them into adulthood.

Thiamin deficiency can cause irritability, magnesium help control the sensitivity to stress and a deficiency of it may promote aggressive behavior, and vitamin 812 deficiency is linked to paranoia, violence and depression. Many studies acknowledge the human risk to certain toxins such as lead, mercury, manganese and polycarbonate phenyl. They are shown to cause nonrepresentational disorders and substantial brain dysfunction. Due to their size and rapid growth children are a more sensitive population than adults and can absorb 40% more toxins then an adult.

Lead poisoning in infancy, even at very low levels, impairs the development of the parts of the brain that regulate behavior and mood (Mobbing, 2013). A number of environmental exposures are documented to result in a common pattern of neurologically effects, including lowered 'Q, shortened attention p, and increased frequency of antisocial behavior. The American Medical Association has reported that heavy metals are linked to aggressive behaviors, at least seven studies have shown that violent criminals have elevated levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, and other chemicals compared to people who were not violent.

Though there are many contributing factors that may make a person act out in violence, there are scientific studies have shown that a disruption or lack of development in the frontal cortex, magical, or the limbic system in the brain is to blame in most cases. If a child suffers from a head injury due to an accident or abuse they might not develop the understanding of right and wrong, or e able to understand and deal with emotional outburst.

It is very important that anybody suffering from TAB been seen by a doctor, and if aggressive behaviors develop a clinical team will need to work with the person to help them develop an understanding of what they are feeling and how to positively deal with emotions. It is equally important that a child has a healthy diet and is monitored to assure that they are receiving the proper nutrition when it comes to not only calories but vitamins and minerals.

I honestly feel that in poor locations, such as intercity and rural areas, the Tate government should work through WICK programs and the schools to test children for deficiency and help educate the parents on proper nutrition. We all need to work together to eliminate the exposure that adults and children have with toxins. The government has worked hard to eliminate lead paint however we have a long way to go to eliminate pesticides and other chemicals that are on our clothing, in our water, and applied to our foods. I feel that if these areas are addressed then the understanding of some violent behaviors in certain people can be recognized.

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