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Best Practice

Essay Topic:

What is a best practice? 1.It is the most efficient quantity and quality 2.A previously successful method 3.

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labor/appropriate use of materials 4. Money goes up (owner) 5. Replicable (everyone) 6. Defines goal (making money while maintaining guest satisfaction) 7. High guest satisfaction 8. Efficient 9. Ethical Stake Holders Employer/Owner Employee Guest Environment BONUS QUESTION: Jay Westerweld in 1987, invented Green Washing which is a deceptively used method to appear “eco-friendly” to increase profits or gain political support STOP: Standard Operating Procedure (Used by corporations)

QPI: Quality Performance Indicators ROI: Return of Investment Q: What is the difference between an independent and corporate chain? (INDEPENDENT HOTELIERS SHARE BEST PRACTICES by ERIC STOESSEL) Independent: * They are not branded and as well known * Customers tell the Independent hotels if something is wrong, not the brand * “Can do what they want when they want” * Biggest Challenge: Online Travel Agencies – reduced rates and high commission = losing money but you get exposure * 25% rate for product purchasing while corporate pay less than 17% * BP: “Capture and Keep” customers from OTA BP: Using online websites for bulk products such as Alibaba. com or Amazon. com * BP: Loyalty Program * BP: Call other property owners for advice * BP: Incentives for front desk staff of 20% – 50% commission for every room upgrade, early check in or pool pass sold instead of hiring a director of sales * BP: ? Charge guests property tax in times of trouble INDEPENDENT HOTELS: The drake hotels, Windsor Arms Hotel, Hotel Victoria What are best management practices for natural resource conservation? (29 BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND CASE STUDIES AT NRPA.

ORG/CONSERVATION) * Rain Barrels: Conservation education and fun with a 1,000 gallon rain barrel * Rain Gardens: Can slow stormwater, conserve water, and create a wild life habitat and landscape beauty * Wind and Solar Energy (WESTIN HOTEL IN TORONTO: GREEN ENERGY, ONLY HOTEL WHO’S LOBBY RESTAURANTS ARE POWERED 100% GREEN ELECTRICITY, FOR RECYCLING: ALL ORANIC WASTE MATTER IS SENT TO A COMPOST OF SITE. HOTEL IS EQUIPPED WITH RECYCLING BINS IN ALL AREAS & FOUR SEASONS INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATES IN TREE PLANTING DAY) Best practice in Hospitality Maintenance BP: Management can remind housekeeping staff of the three basic rules: Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize * Cleaning: Wipe surface from one side to another, and dirt removed first before disinfection. * Bucket of solution should be changed frequently eg. Every 3 rooms. * When Cleaning hard floors, use two bucket moping techniques * Use a cleanser appropriate for multiple surfaces * Dilution Control saves time and money- bulk * Shiny floors and vases – use metal polish daily * Provide incentives to staff who pick up trash, sweep corridors, wipe counters and tables (BEST PRACTICES IN HOSPITALITY MAINTENANCE – H2E CORNER) ARUBA MARRIOT CARRIBIAN RESORT PROVIDES HOUSEKEEPING STAFF A FULL WEEK OF FUN WITH BREAKFASTS, DINNERS, GAMES AND PARTIES ON AND OFF PROPERTY TO SHOW APPRECIATION AS AN INCENTIVE) Q: Name five different ways of being able to tell whether you have pests 1. Gnaw Marks 2. Droppings 3. Wall Marks 4. Smell 5. See the Animal 6. Skin Q: What do you do to eliminate them? 1. More air flow where there the air makes the flies go out 2. Fly Lights – sodium lights which keep them off instead of killing them 3. Automatic or spinning doors 4.

Weather stripping (the thing at the bottom of the door) 5. Gravel barrier or a grate because pests don’t like uneven surfaces 6. Training staff to understand the importance of closing the door behind them such and pest control Best practice of water management * EPA – began a label called Water Sense that helps the end user identify water-saving products. * Managers being trained and aware of making sure only the best when buying the products * Utilize the service of performance contractors * Minimize water waste and expense has started to become on the best practices.

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