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"The people next door" Rosella Bang The author "Jonathan R. Gould Jar", tells us about his experience with different types of neighbors, since he had the experience of moving around and the best one to live next to. The author tells us that it is important to identify and maintain a relationship with our neighbors that we live next to us, so we know how to relate and communicate with them. He goes on to mention the type of people that he lived across the street from and the types we could find and the one we would appreciate to like or happy hat we live net too.

He categorized them into four different groups of neighbors, which are the "too friendly, unsociable, irritable and the just right," who are the best or Just the right people we want net door. To start with are the, too friendly neighbor, which so far are the most interesting, they Just can't get enough of one's time or know when to back off, always trying so hard to Impress, even when the sighs say otherwise. These group are not necessarily bad but more Like bugs, that no matter how much, the pesticide Is sprayed after a while they find their way back Into our ivies again.

They also seem to be everywhere we go, so we can't get rid of them. The author talks about an incident that happened at his house. He had to lie to a neighbor that his house was on fire just for him to leave, but it still took him like ten minutes to say his good byes, which I would say is under the too friendly category. They also seems to be the best of cooks, always baking and coming over to the house uninvited, about ten or more time to give food, and it would have been better if they could cook, it would have been one thing, that would have been just right.

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Also the irritable one, these are the fellows that find something wrong with everything and everybody In the family. He complains about the children, the noise from the house and when, we try to explain it gets worse, so It best to listen and Just back off because these are the 'troublemaker" types. But when we visit them, offer some baked snacks, they seem to have sudden appetite to munch on all of them, the food finishes. Then he goes on to say, "makes one wonder if they have been starved and improvised he was".

The other type of neighbor is the unsociable type, they prefer not to have any contact with the net person. He explains these type of people as not friendly, keep to themselves, only doing their normal everyday chores, and that one would not even know if a person lives next door, except from the evidence of light that shines from the house at night. We seem to have at least one of them around the neighborhood, he goes on to say his wife, tried to offer this type of neighbor some baked pies. He treated the gesture like she was going to poison him.

Then, when we thing we have met the worse, then the just the right neighbors shows up In our lives and makes everything better. They know what to do at the right time and happen to spend the right amount of time with each family at the right time and know when to stop. The most wonderful thing Is the fact that they can cook so exchange of snacks and family time with them would be more worthwhile. At the end of the day, all the types of characters fun and interesting, because of the variety we have.

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