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Bartolome de las Casas: The Devastation of the Indies

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The Devastation of the Indies" and was a friar who became famous because he defended the rights of the Indians. He took a brave stand against the horrors and cruel blooded Spaniards, saying he didn't understanding of how God could allow the innocent Indians to suffer. In his document De lass Cases gave his views of the nature and character of the Indians, of the Spanish, and of the Spanish treatment of Indians. De Sis Cases say about the Indians that they don't have malice or bitterness, they are "humble, patient and peaceable.

Physical they can't work hard because they are weak and get sick easily. They don't wont to possess worldly goods and they are not greedy . He says what they really want Is that they just want to learn and Just to learn about God and that they are eagerness and they have goodness" of nature. The Spaniards nature, according to De lass Cases, Is they don't have compassion for anybody they are cruel and blood thirsty people who treat much better horses and cows than a people, and also they are destroying an infinite number of souls and they are just doing it because they are greedy and want to became rich and to acquire De lass Cases views of the

Spaniards treatment of Indians was that they type of people they call them as beast because is what they earn all buy their actions that they took, a Capitan order to struggle this Indian nobles just because they disturbed the Capitan sleep because they are screaming, and the person how order the Capitan to executioner did not obey the order that he give you, the Capitan decide to burn them slowly and watch them die.

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But Hatter comes from Cuba Just to say them that the Christians are coming he Just say this Just for those that are following him The Spanish Capitan he convert as an enemy of the human race, what he do Is that e put a dog as a security so they can escape or try something, the Indians make a mistake they kill some Christians so the Spanish Capitan he take this act us a revenge so every Christian that they die there goanna kill o capture thousand Indians hatter comes from far away to Cuba to protect the Indians and to fight with them one of the Indians say is that they been struggle them and kill them off just because they don't want be part of them and follow there God hatter say that part of his followers are coming from Haiti ,then they go to see the god the Christians and what happen is hat there was a basket cover a bunch of Jewelry and gold and what they discovered is that if they despaired the gold there goanna forget everything and there goanna stop kill them off so they took the basket and they flung In the river.

Then they captured hatter and they kill him Just because he defend those Indians from the cruel and blooding Christians so they tied him to the shake so a friar come to him and he say that he is going to hell just because he didn't be part of the Christian faith go to hell in still of going to heaven because a real God don't not permit. The inclusion is that Bartholomew De lass cases was a man how fight for Justice because there were been cruel with the Indians because they refuse to believe in god so that why they want to kill them of . They couldn't defend them self and then later on the Capitan he made a rules if they kill one Christian there going to kill a thousand Indians so they capture a lot of Indians and they struggle them , with these infernal methods of tyranny they debase and weaken countless numbers of Indians , when Hatter hear about how there been treading the Indians he desire to stand for them ,but later on they capture him and they kill him.

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